Fordham College at Rose Hill

The oldest of the University’s 11 schools, Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) was founded in 1841 by the Most Reverend John Hughes, the fourth bishop and first archbishop of New York. For 133 years, the College was a college for men. In 1974, however, as a result of a merger with Thomas More College, the University’s coordinate college for women, it became coeducational.

As a four-year Jesuit liberal arts college, FCRH invites and challenges its students to develop their intellectual, volitional, and aesthetic faculties by completing a carefully integrated yet flexible liberal arts curriculum that balances core requirements with a concentration in a particular field of study. This curriculum is designed to:

  • develop the faculty of clear and critical thinking and of correct and forceful expression
  • impart a knowledge of scientific principles and skills; an awareness of historical perspective; an understanding of the contemporary world; and an intelligent appreciation of religious, philosophical and moral values

Through concentration on a specific discipline, the College strives to produce students who have read, reasoned, and written sufficiently in one academic discipline to have been prepared for advanced work, to have been formed by the procedures and techniques of the discipline, and to have absorbed the ideals and ambitions that rise from serious, consistent work in one field under the direction of dedicated teacher-scholars.

In pursuit of these objectives, the curriculum of FCRH is based on the classical and modern languages, the natural sciences, the social sciences, history, and the religious concepts and philosophical systems of Western civilization from ancient times to the present day.

In addition, the College intends, through its various activities, curricular and extracurricular, to contribute to the social, spiritual, and psychological formation of its students so that they will be prepared to deal with others in various walks of life. It wants to inspire in them a desire to contribute to the culture and civilization in which they live and to form in them a trained capacity for the service of their country. It believes that these purposes, and indeed all the purposes of the College, are largely secured through adherence to a well-organized curriculum of study committed to the hands of mature scholars and administered according to high standards of performance.

The College recognizes the variety of individual needs and talents of its students and at the same time recognizes their common desire to contribute to the various spheres of life in which they participate. Therefore, it offers a wide selection of programs of study, including interdisciplinary and individual concentrations designed to meet a broad diversity of interests and the rapidly expanding needs of a changing world.

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Students should consult the university-wide sections of this bulletin for more information on academic programs, policies, and procedures.

The College Council

The College Council meets six times during the academic year. The membership includes faculty representatives for each department and interdisciplinary program that offers a major on the Rose Hill campus, the director of the honor’s program, the Dean of Students and three students named by the United Student Government.

The council serves as an advisory body to the dean in formulating policies for the College and in making recommendations for University policies that affect the College.

Fordham College at Rose Hill Alumni Opportunities

All graduates of Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) are members of the alumni association by virtue of their graduation. A board of interested and active alumni represents the FCRH alumni constituency. The board partners with the Office of Alumni Relations to provide opportunities that support and advance FCRH through innovative programs and events. The goal of all alumni activities is to foster lifelong relationships between alumni and Fordham and to create ways for alumni to share their talents and interests with the University.

The Office of Alumni Relations also sponsors numerous opportunities for FCRH alumni to interact with alumni from all of the schools within the University. The young alumni program focuses on the specific needs of alumni who have graduated within the last 10 years. The regional club program maintains Fordham’s national alumni network. The cultural program capitalizes on the unique benefits of New York City for metro area alumni. Rampass, the alumni I.D. card, affords alumni special discounts and allows alumni to easily return to both campuses.

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