Communication and Culture Minor

The communication and culture (COMC) minor requires six courses.

Course Title Credits
COMM 1000Fundamentals of Communication and Media Studies 13
COMC 1101Communications and Culture: History, Theory, and Methods 24
Select two courses in a single group: 3
Communication Studies
Cultural Studies
Media Studies
Select one ethics, law, and policy course, ordinarily taken senior year 4
Select one other COMC course

COMM 1010 Introduction to Communication and Media Studies may be used if taken before spring 2017.


COMM 1000 or COMM 1010 is a prerequisite for COMC 1101.


See the Concentrations tab for the Communication and Culture Major.


See the below list of Ethics, Law, and Policy courses.

Ethics, Law, and Policy courses

Courses in this group have the CELP attribute.

Courses that have this attribute typically explore the legal and regulatory frameworks within which media industries operate, and examine the ethical and moral questions that shape media production.

Course Title Credits
AAST 3280Representing Asians in Journalism and Media4
COLI 4570Films of Moral Struggle4
COMC 2277Media and Sexuality4
COMC 3240Photography, Identity, Power4
COMC 3260Media Regulation4
COMC 3280Representing Asians in Journalism and Media4
COMC 3310Ethics and Popular Culture4
COMC 3330Peace, Justice, and the Media4
COMC 3350Media Law4
COMC 3370Ethical Issues in Media4
COMC 3375Children and Media4
COMC 3380International Communication4
COMC 4170Dissent and Disinformation4
COMC 4340Freedom of Expression4
COMC 4360Communication Ethics and the Public Sphere4
COMC 4370Ethical Controversies in 21st Century Media4
DTEM 2450Digital Property: Rights, Policies, and Practice4
DTEM 3500Resistance and Global Activism4
DTEM 4430Digital Media Ethics4
DTEM 4440Privacy and Surveillance4
DTEM 4470Values in Design4
DTEM 4480Digital Media and Public Responsibility4
FITV 2670Television and Social Change4
FITV 4570Films of Moral Struggle4
FITV 4660Ethics of Reality Television4
JOUR 3740Ethics and Diversity in Journalism4
JOUR 3760The Journalist and the Law4
JOUR 4750Values in the News4
JOUR 4770Media Law and Journalism Ethics4


The minor in communication and culture is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill and Fordham College at Lincoln Center.