Bioethics Minor

The minor consists of six courses.

Course Title Credits
THEO/CEED 3856Introduction to Bioethics4
CEED/SOCI/PSYC 4245Ethics in Research4
or PHIL 4304 The Philosophy and Economics of Law
One course in Humanities3 to 4
One course in Social and Natural Science3 to 4
One course in Values4
One additional course in Humanities OR Social/Natural Science 13 to 4

Students who have not completed a Biological Sciences (BISC) or biologically based Life Science (LSCI) course as part of the core curriculum or otherwise will be required to take one of the following natural science or biological science course offerings to fulfill the Bioethics Natural Science requirement:

Humanities courses

Courses in this group have the BEHR attribute.

Course Title Credits
AMCS 4950Christianity and Gender/Sexual Diversity: Interdisciplinary Perspectives4
CEED 3600Ethics in Action: Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl4
COLI 4570Films of Moral Struggle4
COMC 3370Ethical Issues in Media4
ENGL 4137Hysteria, Sexuality, and the Unconscious4
ENGL 4172Diverse Biologies/Shared Humanity4
HIST 4137Hysteria, Sexuality, and the Unconscious4
HIST 4705Seminar: Disease in the Middle Ages4
HIST 4913Social Darwinism: Theme and Variations in Global Context4
MLAL 3000Gender and Sexuality Studies4
NSCI 4172Diverse Biologies/Shared Humanity4
PHIL 3266Philosophy of Science4
PHIL 3710Healthcare Justice4
PHIL 3712Global Environment and Justice4
PHIL 3715Kant on Morality and Religion4
PHIL 3940Neuroethics4
PHIL 3980Contemporary Issues in Metaethics4
PHIL 4001Politics and Biopower4
PHIL 4044Modern Ethical Theories4
PHIL 4310Human Rights in Context4
PHIL 4484Freedom and Responsibility4
THEO 3827Bible and Human Sexuality4
THEO 4010Death and Dying4
THEO 4027The Ethics of Life4
THEO 4035Professional Responsibilities and Organizational Ethics4
THEO 4036Human Nature After Darwin4
THEO 4520Animals, Angels, and Aliens: Beyond the Human in Christian Thought3
THEO 4870Economic Foundations of Catholic Social Teaching4
THEO 4950Christianity and Gender/Sexual Diversity: Interdisciplinary Perspectives4

Social and Natural Science courses

Courses in this group have the BESN attribute.

Course Title Credits
ANTH 2619Magic, Science, and Religion4
ANTH 3260Politics of Reproduction4
ANTH 3570Applied Human Rights1
ANTH 4114Anthropology of Health Healing and Social Justice4
ANTH 4344Reproductive Technologies: Global Perspective4
BISC 1000Life on the Planet Earth3
BISC 1001Human Biology3
BISC 1002Ecology: A Human Approach3
BISC 1010Foundations of Biology3
BISC 1403Introductory Biology I3
BISC 4035Ecology and Economics of Food Systems4
ENGL 4172Diverse Biologies/Shared Humanity4
ENST 4900Environmental Internship and Media Advocacy4
NSCI 1030Human Function and Dysfunction3
NSCI 4172Diverse Biologies/Shared Humanity4
PJST 3200Environmental Justice4
POSC 3131Politics, Urban Health, and Environment4
POSC 3225Human Trafficking and the Law4
PSYC 3100Health Psychology4
PSYC 3110Cognitive Neuroscience4
PSYC 3600Multicultural Psychology4
PSYC 3610Global Health and Psychology4
PSYC 4310Aging and Society4
SOCI 1102Introduction to Sociology: Health Focus3
SOCI 3021Sociology of Medicine4
SOCI 3114Sociology of Health and Illness4
SOCI 3120Controversies in Religion and International Relations4
SOCI 3249For the Death of Me! Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Death and Dying4
SOCI 3260Politics of Reproduction4
SOCI 3457Medicine, Science, and Social Movements4
SOCI 4105Religion, Gender, and Sexuality4
SOCI 4962Health/Inequality in the US4

Values courses

Courses in this group have the BEVL attribute.

Course Title Credits
COLI 4570Films of Moral Struggle4
ENGL 4403Extraordinary Bodies4
FITV 4570Films of Moral Struggle4
PHIL 3970Humanity's Value4
PHIL 4418Issues of Life and Death4
PHIL 4473War and Peace: Just War Theory4
PSYC 4900Psychology and Human Values4
PSYC 4920Youth, Values, and Society4
PSYC 4930Codes for Mental Health Services4
THEO 4026Theologies of Peace4
THEO 4027The Ethics of Life4
THEO 4028Religion & Bioethics4
THEO 4030Moral Aspects of Medicine4
THEO 4847Theologies of Liberation4

It is presumed that bioethics minor students will have completed the core course Philosophical Ethics (PHIL 3000) by the end of their junior year.

Should faculty sabbaticals or other developments create a situation that limits the availability of courses, the directors of the program would have the authority to amend the guidelines regarding the distribution of electives.


The minor in bioethics is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill and Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Students in Fordham's School of Professional and Continuing Studies may minor in bioethics only if they receive the approval of their advising dean and/or department, and their schedules are sufficiently flexible to permit them to take day courses at the Rose Hill or Lincoln Center campuses.