African Studies Minor

The minor consists of six courses, including one required course (AFAM 1600 ) which, in general, is offered by the African & African American studies department every year.

Course Title Credits
AFAM/HIST 1600Understanding Historical Change: Africa3
One Social Studies course 13 to 4
One Arts and Humanities course 13 to 4
Three general African Studies electives 1,29 to 12

Students may take no more than two electives from any one discipline.


Any course with the AFAM subject code or the AFST attribute code may fulfill this requirement.

In addition to the requirements listed above, students must demonstrate proficiency through the intermediate level in a language spoken on the African continent other than English such as Swahili, Twi, Zulu, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish or French; or another language approved by the director of African Studies.

It is not necessary to study abroad to earn the minor, but credit towards the minor can be earned by studying in Ghana, South Africa, Morocco, or Tanzania. Limited scholarship funds will be available to cover the cost of traveling.

Social Science  electives

Courses in this group have the AFSS attribute.

Course Title Credits
AFAM 3070African Politics4
AFAM 3071African Intellectual History4
AFAM 3072Civil Wars in Africa4
AFAM 3075Democracy in Africa4
AFAM 3140Contemporary Africa4
AFAM 3141Women in Africa4
AFAM 3146Contemporary African Immigration to the United States3
AFAM 3148History of South Africa4
AFAM 3188Exploring Africa: Encounter, Expedition, and Representation4
AFAM 3695Major Debates in African Studies4
MEST 2000Introduction to the Modern Middle East4
POSC 3418Islamic Political Thought4
POSC 3520Mideast and the World4
POSC 3522United Nations4

Arts and Humanities electives

Courses in this group have the AFAH attribute.

Course Title Credits
AFAM 3148History of South Africa4
AFAM 3688African Literature I4
AFAM 3689African Literature II4
AFAM 3693Contemporary African Literatures4
AFAM 4192Race and Religion in the Transatlantic World4
DANC 2430West African Dance2


The minor in African studies is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill and Fordham College at Lincoln Center.