Digital Technologies and Emerging Media Major

The digital technologies and emerging media (DTEM) major takes a critical approach to internet and participatory technologies. It draws from a broad tradition of communication and media studies research; social science disciplines including anthropology, psychology, sociology, and political science; and the humanities and fine arts.

The major is designed to encourage greater understanding, critical thinking, and analysis of emerging technologies such as the web, social media, mobile apps, video games, wearables, and the like, while also offering a number of production and writing classes. Students wishing to pursue engineering or digital production should augment the major with classes in computer science, visual arts, journalism, and new media and digital design.

Note: Information about the Gabelli concentration in Digital Media and Technology is listed separately.

CIP Code

09.0702 - Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia.

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The digital technologies and emerging media (DTEM) major requires nine courses.

Course Title Credits
COMM 1000Fundamentals of Communication and Media Studies 13
DTEM 1401Introduction to Digital Technologies and Emerging Media 24
DTEM 1402Digital Cultures 24
One DTEM methods course4
One ethics, law, and policy course 34
Four DTEM electives 416

COMM 1010 Introduction to Communication and Media Studies  may be used if taken before spring 2017.


DTEM 1401 is a prerequisite for DTEM 1402.


See list of ELP courses under Ethics, Law, and Policy Course Requirement. Courses that have the CELP attribute typically explore the legal and regulatory frameworks within which media industries operate, and examine the ethical and moral questions that shape media production.


Any course with the DTEM subject code or the DTEM attribute code may fulfill this requirement. Up to two courses may be taken outside the Communication and Media Studies department to fulfill major requirements.

DTEM Methods courses

Generally, DTEM methods courses are numbered between DTEM 2410 to 2419, in addition to other courses as listed below. 

Courses in this group have the DTMM attribute.

A course covering social-science and/or humanities-based research methods is required for all DTEM majors. These courses can cover either qualitative or quantitative approaches. They teach students about the process of research design (developing questions and designing the appropriate process to answer them rigorously), and methods to collect and analyze data, digital texts, and or platforms and their role in society.

Course Title Credits
COMC 1101Communications and Culture: History, Theory, and Methods4
DTEM 2411Digital Research Methods4
DTEM 2412Digital Ethnography4
DTEM 2413Participatory Methods4
DTEM 2414Media Ecology4
DTEM 2417Data Visualization4
NMDD 3880Designing Smart Cities for Social Justice4


The major in digital technologies and emerging media is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) and Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC).

Fordham College at Rose Hill students: The requirements above are in addition to those of the Core Curriculum.

Fordham College at Lincoln Center students: The requirements above are in addition to those of the Core Curriculum.