Music Minor

The department offers a minor consisting of six one-semester departmental courses in music.

Course Title Credits
MUSC 1100Introduction to Music History 13
MUSC 2145Music Theory I 24
Select four additional courses 316

Students in the FCRH Honors Program may fulfill this requirement with HPRH 1206 Foundational Topics: Music History.


Students with advanced proficiency may, with advisor permission, fulfill this requirement with MUSC 2146 Music Theory II.


Any course with the MUSC subject code may fulfill this requirement. In addition, credits from any course with the subject code JUIL may count towards this requirement as a Music elective.

Music minors are also eligible to participate in the Private Vocal/Instrumental Instruction or Music Ensemble programs (see the music major page for options), but may only take up to four semesters/sections for credit (one credit each, on a pass/fail basis). The four one-credit semesters/sections of lessons or ensemble may replace a single four-credit music elective.

Minors must enroll in one-credit sections of lessons and ensembles in order to qualify for course credit toward the minor. 

Minors who wish to continue beyond four semesters/sections should enroll, beginning with their fifth semester/section, in zero-credit sections of lessons. Minors who do not intend to complete the four one-credit courses should only enroll in zero-credit sections.

Students will be charged the cost of lessons; some ensembles carry lab fees. Applicable fees/rates are published on the music department website.


The minor in music is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill and Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Students in Fordham's School of Professional and Continuing Studies may minor in music only if they receive the approval of their advising dean and/or department, and their schedules are sufficiently flexible to permit them to take day courses at the Rose Hill or Lincoln Center campuses.