Cybersecurity Minor

Cybersecurity is an emerging and fast-growing field in computer and information sciences, and it plays an essential role in modern society. There is a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals in the market due to the exponential increase of cyber intrusions and attacks on governmental agencies and commercial organizations.

A primary aim of the cybersecurity minor is to engage non-CIS students with this exciting field so as to augment their major field of study with the pragmatics of cybersecurity techniques and knowledge. It could be attractive for traditional computer science, mathematics, physics, business, or even biology majors to have a minor in cybersecurity.

A unique feature of Fordham’s cybersecurity minor is its comprehensive integration of problem-solving skills with a rigorously theoretical background in cybersecurity. It is anticipated that this minor will opportunely serve the needs of undergraduate students enrolled in different majors interested in obtaining cybersecurity positions in governmental agencies and commercial organizations.

Students majoring in information science (INSC) or information technology and systems (INTS) may not minor in cybersecurity because these majors already include most of the courses as requirements. Students majoring in computer science (COSC) may minor in cybersecurity provided that four of the courses used for the minor are not applied to the major. Students majoring in mathematics and computer and information sciences (MTCS) may minor in cybersecurity provided that none of the courses used for the minor are applied to the major. A substitute computer science course will need to be taken in place of CISC 1600 Computer Science I/CISC 1610 Computer Science I Lab for the minor, with approval of the minor adviser.

Learning Outcomes

  • Mastery of fundamental cybersecurity concepts 
  • Practical problem-solving in real-world scenarios
  • Ethical considerations and professional responsibility
  • Development of core cybersecurity competencies

For more information

Visit the Cyber Security program web page.

The cybersecurity minor requires the following six courses:

Course Title Credits
CISC 1600
CISC 1610
Computer Science I
and Computer Science I Lab 1
CISC 2500Information and Data Management4
CISC 3580Cybersecurity and Applications4
CISC 3600Secure Cyber Networks4
CISC 4615Data Communications and Networks4
CISC 3650Forensic Computing4

Students majoring in math & computer science (MTCS) must replace CISC 1600/1610 with an alternative computer science course approved by the minor advisor.

Please contact the computer and information sciences department chair for additional information on this program.


The minor in cybersecurity is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill and Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Students in Fordham's School of Professional and Continuing Studies may minor in cybersecurity only if they receive the approval of their advising dean and/or department, and their schedules are sufficiently flexible to permit them to take day courses at the Rose Hill or Lincoln Center campuses.