Sustainable Business Minor

People, planet, and profit: Sustainable business strikes a balance among these three factors. Sustainability is becoming a national phenomenon, and companies are taking notice, from the smallest startups to the largest multinational banks. A minor in this field is now open to Gabelli School students and their peers at Fordham College Rose Hill. The sustainable business program aligns seamlessly with Fordham's mission to "promote research and education that assist in the alleviation of poverty, the promotion of justice, the protection of human rights, and respect for the environment."

This minor incorporates business, social science, natural science, and building-design curricula. It can enhance a student's career opportunities in traditional business markets and in the emerging "green sector." Students who pursue this minor take the foundations course, Sustainable Business, and six additional courses. Courses vary depending on whether the student is a Gabelli School student, an FCRH student majoring in a science, or an FCRH student pursuing in a nonscience major.

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Course Title Credits
Required courses (all students)
LPBU 3430ST: Sustainable Business3 to 4
or ECON 3430 ST: Sustainable Business
ECON 3850Environmental Economics 14
Natural Science course (all students)
Select one of the following:3
For non-science majors (including Gabelli students):
Ecology: A Human Approach
Chemistry of the Environment
Environmental Internship and Media Advocacy
Physical Sciences: From Past to Present
Physical Science: Today's World
People and the Living Environment
Environmental Physics
For Science majors
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Science (formerly ENVS 1000)
Global Ecology Lecture
Environmental Physics
Sustainable Development course (Gabelli students only)
Select one of the following:
Development Economics
World Poverty
Global Economic Issues
Contemporary Economic Problems
Environmental Ethics
Global Environment and Justice
Political Economy of Development
Political Economy of Poverty
International Political Economy
Development and Globalization
Business principles courses (non-Gabelli students only)
Both courses are required
Principles of Financial Accounting 2
Principles of Management
Information Systems
Sustainable Design Course (all students)
Select one of the following:3 to 4
Designing the City
Environmental Design
Capstone Course (all students)
Select one of the following (taken in the senior year):3
ST: Leading for Impact
ST:Social Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship & Fair Trade

Either ECON 1100 Principles of Macroeconomics or ECON 1200 Principles of Microeconomics is a prerequisite for this course.


ECON 1200 Principles of Microeconomics is a prerequisite for this class.


The sustainable business minor is available to Gabelli students and to Fordham College students who fulfill all of the minor's requirements. Differences in the minor's requirements are designed to accommodate what is or is not already contained in each school's core curriculum.