American law schools look favorably on applicants who possess a strong liberal arts education, but they do not prescribe a specific, pre-law curriculum. Students can choose the major that interests them most, as law schools do not require any particular major as a prerequisite for admission. Students who are interested in pursuing a legal career, however, are advised to take courses that develop analytical skills and reading and writing abilities.

Most law schools employ three basic academic criteria in selecting applicants: the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score, the cumulative grade point average, and the undergraduate university attended. Law schools are also looking for well-rounded students who are active and demonstrate leadership in their communities. To assure optimum performance on the LSAT, students should take the exam at a time that affords the best opportunity for preparation, usually in the spring or summer of junior year or in the early fall of senior year. To assure optimum performance in the classroom, students should choose courses that stimulate their interest and encourage them to excel. In addition, the prudent applicant will consult with the pre-law adviser by the beginning of their junior year, or earlier, in order to maximize chances for success in the highly competitive law school admission process.

For detailed information on advising and programming, students are encouraged to contact their college’s pre-law adviser. Additionally, students may wish to join their school’s student-run Pre-Law Society, which sponsors lectures on admission to law school, the law school experience, and careers in the law.

3-3 Program

The 3-3 Program enables students to complete their bachelor’s and law degrees in six years. Outstanding Fordham undergraduates may be admitted to and matriculate in Fordham Law School after three years of study at Fordham College at Rose Hill, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, Gabelli School of Business, or Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies. The B.A./B.S. degree is awarded following completion of the first year of law school. Eligibility requires that a student:

  • Complete all core and major requirements and at least 92 credits (transfer students must have completed at least 47 credits at Fordham) before beginning law school.
  • Maintain a recommended grade point average of at least A- (3.670) in all undergraduate courses including transferred credits.
  • Have a very strong LSAT score, scoring at the 93 percentile or higher is recommended. It is recommended that the LSAT scores be available by December of the academic year in which the application is being made.

Students who meet these criteria become eligible during the fall of their junior year to apply to the School of Law of Fordham University. Before they apply, however, they must receive a favorable recommendation from their pre-law adviser. After receiving such clearance, the director of admissions of the School of Law will invite them for an interview. Students recommended for application are not guaranteed admittance to the law school. Final admission decisions rest with the School of Law. Study abroad is discouraged for 3-3 program applicants, due to the condensed nature of the undergraduate program.

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