Creative Writing Minor

Creative Writing Minor for Non-English Majors

The minor in creative writing, available to students in majors other than English, requires the following six courses:

  1. Four four-credit Creative Writing courses that must be drawn from 3000 level and above, English writing courses, or communication writing courses crosslisted with English. These courses have the CVW attribute codeJOUR 3741 JOURNALISM WORKSHOP: REPORTING may only apply to the major if JOUR 3742 JOURNALISM WORKSHOP: FNN is also taken, in which case they will be considered as the equivalent of one four-credit course. Writing tutorials with a mentor are also accepted.
  2. Two advanced courses (3000 level and above) in literature offered through the English department, or other relevant departments and programs (e.g., modern languages and literature, literary studies, African and African American studies; generally those with the ENGL attribute code), to be chosen by the student in consultation with the minor adviser. Generally, these will be courses in a single genre in which the student is taking workshops, but substitutions may be considered with the approval of the minor adviser (who will be a member of the English department).

Creative Writing Minor for English Majors

Students majoring in English may count two creative writing courses (see 1 above) toward both the English major and the creative writing minor. In other words, completion of the creative writing minor requires two additional Creative Writing courses (courses with the CVW attribute) and two additional literature courses offered by any relevant department or program (see 2 above).