Journalism Major

The journalism major prepares reporters to serve the public interest in the digital age armed with strong practical skills, a deep grounding in journalism history and ethics, and sharp critical thinking. By synthesizing theory and practice, our graduates will be ready to serve our rapidly evolving media landscape. Classes are taught by a mix of full-time Fordham professors and media professionals from the New York area. Our faculty, who come from such organizations as the New York Times, CBS News, MTV and Sports Illustrated, help our students by bringing real-world experience to the classroom, making sure our graduates are ready to compete in the job market.

The major moves students through introductory, intermediate, and advanced multimedia reporting classes to hone their skills and bring them to a professional level in reporting, writing, and creating digital content. Majors in journalism become grounded in the profession through one required course in ethics, and one course in the “social construction of journalism”—Media Law, Journalism History, or Sociology of News. Journalism majors are also required to take a course in social media to learn how to use such sites as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for gathering and disseminating news.

The journalism (JOUR) major requires eleven courses.

Course Title Credits
COMM 1000Fundamentals of Communication and Media Studies 13
JOUR 1701Introduction to Multimedia Journalism With Lab4
JOUR 2711Intermediate Multimedia Reporting4
One course in Journalism Ethics4
One course in Journalism Law, Policy, or History4
One course in Social Media4
Three courses in Intermediate/Advanced Journalism Reporting/ Writing12
Two elective courses 28

Journalism Ethics

Courses in this group have the JETH attribute.

Course Title Credits
COMC 3370Ethical Issues in Media4
COMC 4360Communication Ethics and the Public Sphere4
COMC 4370Ethical Controversies in 21st Century Media4
DTEM 4480Digital Media and Public Responsibility4
JOUR 4750Values in the News4
JOUR 4770Media Law and Journalism Ethics4

Journalism Law, Policy, or History

Courses in this group have the JPLH attribute.

Course Title Credits
COMC 3260Media, Regulation, and the Public Interest4
COMC 3350Media Law4
COMC 3378Media, Millennials, and Civic Discourse4
COMC 4170Dissent and Disinformation4
COMC 4340Freedom of Expression4
JOUR 1761The Power of News3
JOUR 3760The Journalist and the Law4
JOUR 3763The Murrow Years: 1938-654
JOUR 3764Television News and Today's World4
JOUR 3765Television News4
JOUR 3769History of Television and Radio News4
JOUR 4766Television News Innovators4
JOUR 4767History of Women's Magazines4
JOUR 4770Media Law and Journalism Ethics4

Social Media

Courses in this group have the JSME attribute.

Course Title Credits
CMBU 4453Social Media3
DTEM 3476Social Media4
JOUR 3776Social Media for Journalists4

Intermediate/Advanced Journalism Reporting/Writing

Any JOUR course numbered x71x or x72x (i.e., any course where the second two digits are 71 or 72) fulfills this requirement, in addition to any other course on this list. JOUR 1701 Introduction to Multimedia Journalism With Lab is a prerequisite for any course on this list. At least one 3000-level course must be completed prior to enrolling in a 4000-level course on this list.

Courses in this group have the JWRI attribute.

Course Title Credits
JOUR 2711Intermediate Multimedia Reporting4
JOUR 2712Intermediate Print Reporting4
JOUR 2714Radio and Audio Reporting4
JOUR 2722Intermediate Feature Writing4
JOUR 2725Writing Workshop4
JOUR 2786Sports Writing and Reporting4
JOUR 2789Sports Broadcasting4
JOUR 3715Writing for Broadcast News4
JOUR 3716Intermediate Television Production4
JOUR 3717Online Journalism4
JOUR 3718On-Air Reporting4
JOUR 3719Data Journalism4
JOUR 3723Interviews and Profiles4
JOUR 3724First Person Journalism4
JOUR 3725Profile and Biography4
JOUR 3727Writing for Magazines4
JOUR 3728Special Reporting: In-Depth Reporting4
JOUR 3781Arts and Culture Reporting4
JOUR 3782Science Journalism4
JOUR 3783Theater Journalism4
JOUR 3785Writing for the Media4
JOUR 3788International Reporting4
JOUR 4711Advanced Multimedia Reporting4
JOUR 4713Audio Reporting and Podcasting4
JOUR 4727Advanced Magazine Article Writing4
JOUR 4733Photojournalism4
JOUR 4741Practicum - Observer4
JOUR 4742Practicum - Campus Television News4
JOUR 4743Practicum - Ram4
JOUR 4744Practicum - WFUV4
JOUR 4745Campus Journalism Practicum4
JOUR 4773Public Media4
JOUR 4784Business Journalism4


The major in journalism is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) and Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC).

Fordham College at Rose Hill students: The requirements above are in addition to those of the Core Curriculum.

Fordham College at Lincoln Center students: The requirements above are in addition to those of the Core Curriculum.