Marketing Minor

This minor is for FCRH and FCLC students who are interested in applying marketing principles and practices to business needs. It combines classes in marketing, psychology, sociology, and statistics. Because marketing includes persuasion, students must possess effective communication skills. This minor is often of particular interest to students who are pursuing a major in communications.

The minor in marketing is available consists of six courses.

Course Title Credits
MKBU 3225Marketing Principles3
PSYC 2000Statistics 1,24
MKBU 3435Consumer Behavior3
Select one of the following:
Social Psychology
Creativity 1
Aging and Society 1
Youth, Values, and Society
Introduction to Sociology
Sociological Theory
Contemporary Social Issues and Policies
Diversity in American Society
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Comparative Cultures
People and Cultures of Latin America
Two upper level marketing courses 3

Requires PSYC 1200 Foundations of Psychology as a pre-requisite.


Students whose major requires a statistics course may substitute the statistics course from their major. All others must take PSYC 2000 Statistics.


Any course with subject code MKBU numbered 3226 or higher may fulfill this requirement.

Students beginning the Marketing minor are encouraged to take MKBU 3225 Marketing Principles concurrently with PSYC 1200 Foundations of Psychology. The next class students should take is MKBU 3435 Consumer Behavior, which might be paired with PSYC 2000 Statistics.