Religious Studies Minor

The religious studies program provides students with the opportunity to examine religious texts and practices through an interdisciplinary lens. While some of our courses—particularly those which are cross-listed with the theology department—examine the religious traditions themselves, Religious studies students have a chance to look at how religious traditions have affected the arts, literature, and politics. While religious studies majors and minors may choose to focus on the Christian tradition, they may also decide to delve more deeply into the religious texts and traditions of Judaism, Islam, and other faiths.

Students who have been part of our program have also majored or minored in fields such as dance, theater, classics, philosophy, English, modern languages, history, and anthropology. Since many of our courses are cross-listed with other departments, it is possible to double major or minor in religious studies while majoring in another department. Our graduates have gone on to have careers in numerous exciting fields.

Because of the program's diversity and flexibility, students have the chance to work closely with our faculty and create a program that is both highly individualized and demanding. Students are required to check in with a faculty advisor regularly to make sure that they are both fulfilling the University's and the department's requirements and getting the most out of the unique opportunities which Fordham and New York City provide for young scholars. Ultimately, a religious studies major or minor at Fordham University will prepare you well to meet the challenges posed by the current and future complexities of our world where religion often takes center stage.

The minor consists of six courses:

Course Title Credits
THEO 1000Faith and Critical Reason3
Select a second-year theology core course on a religious scripture(s) 1
Select any four electives from the religious studies program offerings 2

Any course with the THEO subject code numbered 3000 to 3999 may fulfill this requirement.


Any course with the THEO subject code (numbered 2000 or higher) or the REST attribute code may fulfill this requirement.

Among the additional course and electives, at least one must have as a major focus a religion or religions other than Christianity. Students may double-count approved religious studies courses toward the religious studies minor and toward another major, as long as at least 14 different courses are taken to complete the major and minor.


The minor in religious studies is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, and Fordham's School of Professional Studies at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center.