Accelerated Master's in Teaching Program

Accelerated Master's Degree in Teaching Program (formerly 5-year track program)

The Fordham University Graduate School of Education (GSE) offers an Accelerated Master's Degree in Teaching program for students enrolled in one of the undergraduate colleges at Fordham University. This program provides an opportunity for students to complete a B.A./B.S. and any one of our M.S.T. degrees:

Once obtaining certification in teaching, extensions may also be pursued in early childhood special education, childhood special education, bilingual childhood education, middle school and adolescence special education. Courses are also offered in TESOL, special education and bilingual education for additional credits.

The accelerated master's degree in teaching program consists of early admission to the GSE (application fee is waived), integration of 12 GSE credits in undergraduate senior year, the completion of a B.A./B.S. degree, acceleration as a full-time student to complete the required credits in coursework and two semesters of student teaching. Dual certifications require additional credits and will take longer to complete. After completion of all Graduate School of Education (GSE) program requirements in good standing, students obtain an M.S.T. degree and are eligible for GSE endorsement for New York State Initial Teacher Certification. Students who successfully complete all master's degree requirements will be endorsed for New York State Initial Teacher Certification. New York State Certification is reciprocal with many states.

Early advisement/seminar, fieldwork exploration and coordination between undergraduate and graduate programs are important features and benefits of this program, as well as the opportunity to save time and money.

Graduate School of Education graduates are highly qualified teachers who respect individuals in a multicultural society, excel in academic disciplines, acquire a broad knowledge base, learn in meaningful contexts, become reflective practitioners, and engage in life-long learning. Fordham is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

To find out more about the accelerated master's degree in teaching, complete the declaration of interest form.

For further information about all of our Graduate School of Education academic programs, please visit the Graduate School of Education Bulletin.

Accelerated Master's Degree Program Activities & Responsibilities

Once the declaration of interest form is submitted, undergraduates can enroll in the program and register for the 1 credit Field Experience Seminar (CTGE 4200). Participants in this program will meet 5 times a semester for seminar and complete 60 hours minimum of a field experience during sophomore, junior and senior years. Seniors will register for two, three credit graduate level courses each semester (12 credits total) which are paid for by undergraduate tuition.

Field experience requires 30 hours per semester through senior year. The field hours are arranged according to the student's schedule. and helps students examine and explore their interest in the teaching profession, gain experience working with children on different grade levels, allows education faculty to learn about student's suitability for teaching, and prepare the student for a formal student teaching requirement while enrolled in the Graduate School of Education.

In junior year, students complete an early admissions application to GSE. Completion of an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and acceptance into GSE marks a student's transition into a master's degree program at Fordham University.

Transition to the Graduate School of Education

In preparation for enrollment into graduate school, undergraduate seniors will be introduced to their program specific GSE academic advisor for an overview of the requirements specific to the teacher education program chosen. In GSE, academic advisors are the point person pertaining to all aspects of their program requirements, registration, student teaching and administrative issues. Students can plan to begin graduate school in the summer following their graduation from an undergraduate program (adolescence programs begin in the fall of that same year).

Student Teaching

In addition to completion of coursework and workshop requirements, students are required to complete a full-time student teaching placement at two different schools in the grade levels of the certification age range. GSE students are placed in schools that have partnered with the GSE and with cooperating teachers that have more than three years of experience teaching. Observation of student's experience is required by NYS, which is completed by a Fordham University field specialist who serves as a mentor and coach and evaluates the student in each of their student teaching placements. Student teaching placements provide more than 600 hours of comprehensive experience in public schools for preparation to become certified and hired as a lead teacher.

Prior to beginning fall student teaching, an orientation is held for students in all programs who are beginning this experience. Students are provided with extensive information and requirements and meet with their field specialists.

New York State Teacher Certification Exams and Workshops

Students are notified and advised about New York State teaching certification requirements: certification exams, specialized workshops, fingerprinting, and application process. Support is provided to students throughout this process. NYS workshop required for certification are offered within GSE. Students are required to establish a NYSED TEACH account. Information on certification exam requirements can be found on the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) website.

Final Portfolio Project

A final cumulative portfolio project is required as part of GSE program completion. Students prepare a capstone project that includes a theoretical and reflective essay highlighting teaching practice and knowledge gained from coursework and student teaching. Adolescence education programs require the completion of a student work sample.

There are two application stages to the Accelerated Master's in Teaching Program.

First Stage

  • Complete a declaration of interest form.
  • Plan to seek undergraduate program advisement about core courses to complete the B.A./B.S. Students should plan to be able to integrate 12 GSE credits in senior year schedule. Fordham undergraduate core courses must include content required by NYSED for teacher candidates; some core courses may fulfill more than one NYSED requirement.
  • Inform undergraduate major advisor of decision to enroll in the accelerated master's in teaching program. Advisor will give permission to register for the one-credit Field Experience Seminar (CTGE 4200).
  • Each semester of sophomore, junior, and senior years, enroll in the Seminar, and meet with GSE Five-Year Teacher Education Track coordinator.

Second Stage

  • Complete a GSE admissions application and submit all required supplemental information in the spring of the junior year for early admission. The application includes a written personal statement, two letters of reference, a resume, and a copy of all transcripts.
  • Provide a letter from the undergraduate advisor indicating that 12 GSE credits will be completed during senior year, including field experience and reflective seminar.
  • Maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (B or better).
  • Meet the general admissions requirements to the Graduate School of Education and for the specific program to which the Fordham undergraduate student is applying. Specific admissions requirements are listed on each program's page in this Bulletin.

Note: GRE/MAT exam scores are not required, as of January 2022.

New York State Certification Requirements

Students who meet all program requirements, complete the course of study, and meet established field experience competencies are eligible to receive Fordham University's endorsement for New York state initial certification in their program area, provided they also have:

  • earned a passing score on the relevant New York state teacher examinations; and
  • passed New York state mandated workshops: Dignity for All Students Act (DASA), Child Abuse Identification and Reporting (CAIR), and Schools Against Violence Education (SAVE), offered by our Hagin Center. These workshops are held twice each semester.
    • Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Autism and for childhood programs, health and physical education are offered in the GSE.

Undergraduate Core and Content Requirements

Teacher preparation for state certification includes requirements for general education and pedagogical core courses, as well as specific content courses related to the grade(s) and subjects the candidate will teach. The requirements differ across certification areas and are complex. They affect the choices that are made to meet the undergraduate core curriculum distribution, as well as selections and scheduling of courses within the major. For example, to meet state certification requirements in the general education core, teacher education candidates need the following liberal arts and science requirements: artistic expression, communication, or written analysis and expression; concepts in history and social sciences; a language other than English; scientific and mathematical processes; and literature. These core/content requirements do not replace Fordham's requirements.

Students must also meet the admissions prerequisites for their chosen master's program. For example, students pursuing adolescence education must have the required 30 credits in specific content areas. More information about the requirements for each certification and major can be obtained from Dr. Aida Nevárez-La Torre, Chair of Curriculum and Teaching, at Information is also available on our admissions website. It is students' responsibility to meet with their undergraduate advisors and to ensure they are meeting Fordham undergraduate, GSE, and New York State admissions and completion requirements for their Graduate School of Education program of choice.

To meet all requirements for the baccalaureate degree and a master's degree, candidates work closely with their Fordham undergraduate advisors and the GSE accelerated master's in teaching program coordinator.