Film and Television Minor

Students must pursue either film or television as a sequence of study. The film and television (FITV) minor requires six courses. Required courses are:

Course Title Credits
Departmental Introductory Course
COMM 1010Introduction to Communication and Media Studies (if taken before spring 2017)3
or COMM 1000 Fundamentals of Communication and Media Studies
Ethics, Law, and Policy Course
Select one ethics, law, and policy course ordinarily taken senior year 1
FITV Sequences
Select one of the following sequences:
For students interested in pursuing the film sequence:
Understanding Film
History of Film, 1895-1950
Film Theory and Criticism
For students interested in pursuing the television sequence:
Understanding Television
History of Television
Television Theory and Criticism
FITV Electives
Select any two courses with the FITV subject code 2

Any course with the CELP attribute code may fulfill this requirement. Courses that have the CELP attribute typically explore the legal and regulatory frameworks within which media industries operate, and examine the ethical and moral questions that shape media production.


Any course with the FITV subject code may fulfill this requirement.


The minor in film and television is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill and Fordham College at Lincoln Center.