Theology Religious Studies Minor

The minor consists of four courses in addition to the theology courses all Fordham undergraduates are required to take. Faith and Critical Reason (THEO 1000) as well as one Sacred Texts and Traditions course (courses with the STXT attribute code) are part of the Core Curriculum, but also provide a fundamental introduction to the coursework required of the minor. 

Course Title Credits
THEO 1000Faith and Critical Reason 13
Sacred Texts & Traditions (STXT attribute) 23
Choose one of the following advanced seminars:
THEO 4300-level: History Culture Society Advanced Seminar 3
Foundations of Contemporary Theology
Religion in NYC: Theory & Practice
Three general Theology electives 49 to 12


  • Theology courses taken in the Manresa Scholars Program (THEO 1006 Sin and Salvation in Medieval TheologyTHEO 1007 Sinners, Saints, and StoriesTHEO 1008 Mystics Monks and Mindfulness: Contemplation-In-Action Today, and THEO 1010 Restless Heart: Quest) may fulfill this requirement.
  • The following Theology courses taken in the Fordham College at Rose Hill or Fordham College at Lincoln Center Honors Program may fulfill this requirement: HPRH 1102 Foundational Texts: Theology/ClassicsHPRH 3001 Religion in the Modern World, and HPLC 1401 Honors: Theology.

Consult the Core Curriculum page for a list of courses fulfilling the Sacred Texts & Traditions requirement. Additionally, the following Theology courses from the Fordham College at Rose Hill and Fordham College at Lincoln Center Honors Programs may fulfill this requirement: HPRH 3201 Focused Study: Theology and  HPLC 2811 Honors Sacred Texts.


See the Theology Religious Studies major page for the 4300-level courses that fulfill this option.


A Theology elective is any course with the THEO attribute or any THEO course 3000:4999, as well as THEO 1050 Syriac Language and Literature ITHEO 1051 Syriac Language and Literature II, or THEO 1060 Elementary Coptic I.


The minor in theology religious studies is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, and Fordham's School of Professional and Continuing Studies at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center. It is also available to undergraduate students in the Gabelli School of Business.