Latin American and Latino Studies Minor

The minor consists of six courses:

Course Title Credits
One introductory course3 to 4
Two courses from the social sciences7 to 8
Two courses from the humanities/arts7 to 8
One elective3 to 4

See the Latin American and Latino Studies major for a list of courses that fulfill these requirements.

Since language competency in Spanish is expected, majors and minors should take at least one Latin American/Latino literature course above the 2001 level. Students are highly encouraged to study in Latin America.

Courses that fulfill college requirements may, where appropriate, be credited toward the major or minor. Students whose particular interests do not conform to the pattern of electives described above are encouraged to consult with the director or the associate director to work out a program more appropriate to their needs.


The minor in Latin American and Latino studies is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, and Fordham's School of Professional and Continuing Studies at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center.