Biochemistry Minor

The biochemistry minor has four required courses taken from biological sciences and chemistry. These are: Genetics (BISC 2539 and BISC 2549) and Molecular Biology (BISC 3752 or NSCI 4176 and NSCI 4876) and Biochemistry I and II (CHEM 4221, CHEM 4231, and CHEM 4222). Two elective courses outside of a student's major complete the six course total that corresponds to a minor. (Note that the required laboratory co-requisites are not counted).

Research opportunities are subject to respective departmental policies. Interested students should contact faculty members or the program director. 

The biochemistry minor requires six (6) courses:

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
CHEM 4221
CHEM 4231
Biochemistry I
and Biochemistry Lab I
CHEM 4222Biochemistry II3
One of the following:5
General Genetics
and General Genetics Lab
Genetics Lecture
and Genetics Lab
One of the following:3 to 5
Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology Lecture
and Molecular Biology Lab
Electives6 to 10
Select two courses that do not count towards a major:
BISC 3643
BISC 3653
and Microbiology Lab
BISC 3754Cell Biology3
CHEM 3622Physical Chemistry II4
CHEM 3721Quantitative Analysis4
CHEM 4241Biomimetic Chemistry3
CHEM 4621Bionanotechnology and Introduction to Nanomedicine4
CHEM 4625Computational Chemistry3
NSCI 2122
NSCI 2822
Immunology Lecture
and Immunology Lab
NSCI 4080Pharmacological Chemistry3
NSCI 4081Neurochemistry3
NSCI 3154Cell and Development Biology Lecture 13
NSCI 4143
NSCI 4843
Advanced Microbiology Lecture
and Advanced Microbiology Lab

NSCI 3854 Cell and Development Biology Lab may, optionally, be taken with this course.

The pre-requisites for the biochemistry minor core, namely General and Organic Chemistry, are required courses for biological sciences, chemistry, and natural science majors, as well as for students associated with the pre-health program. Of the allied interdisciplinary STEM programs whose students are most likely to pursue a biochemistry minor, nearly all require General Chemistry and some require a semester of Organic Chemistry. The four core courses represent a complete, full-year course in fundamental biochemistry complemented by courses providing a thorough foundation in molecular biology.


The minor in biochemistry is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill and Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Students in Fordham's School of Professional and Continuing Studies may minor in biochemistry only if they receive the approval of their advising dean and/or department, and their schedules are sufficiently flexible to permit them to take day courses at the Rose Hill or Lincoln Center campuses.