American Catholic Studies Certificate

The certificate in American Catholic studies is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, and the Gabelli School of Business.

Services and Community

Students participate in a program of community service and attend various communal and academic events designed to foster a community of scholars who seek to combine cultivation of their academic talents with a life of thoughtful and creative engagement within the University community and in broader church and civic arenas.

Admission to the CACS program is selective, a 3.5 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale and interviews with program directors being required for admission. All students are designated as Scholars in Catholic Studies: An Honors Certificate at Fordham on their official transcripts.

The concentration begins with a one-credit seminar for new concentrators in the spring of the sophomore year. An intensive two-semester American Catholic Studies seminar in the junior year follows. Each student crafts an individualized course of study comprising four additional courses in consultation with the directors of the undergraduate program. These courses are selected from offerings in a range of disciplines, including history, theology, philosophy, social science, art, and literature.

Courses below have the AMCS attribute.

Course Title Credits
AFAM 3130Racial and Ethnic Conflict4
AFAM 3150Caribbean Peoples and Culture4
ECON 4110Ethics and Economics4
ECON 4870Economic Foundations of Catholic Social Teaching4
ENGL 3002Queer Iconoclasts: Sexuality, Religion, Race4
ENGL 4135Bible in English Poetry4
FITV 3551Film History 1950-Present4
HIST 1400Understanding Historical Change: Latin America3
HIST 3260Medieval Ireland to 16914
HIST 3965Colonial Latin America4
ITAL 3012Medieval Storytelling4
LALS 1400Understanding Historical Change: Latin America3
LATN 3061Christian Latin4
MLAL 3010Politics and Poetry in the Middle Ages: The Rise of Vernacular Culture in the Mediterranean4
MLAL 3012Medieval Storytelling4
MLAL 3033Prison Literature from Martin Luther to Martin Luther King4
MVST 4006Dante's Cosmos: Science, Theology, and Literature4
MVST 4010Medieval Franciscans and the Dream of a Just Economy4
PHIL 3301Problem of God4
PHIL 3354Problem of Evil4
PHIL 3557Confessions of Augustine4
PHIL 4418Issues of Life and Death4
POSC 4013Religion and American Politics4
SOCI 3427Hispanics/Latinos in the USA4
THEA 4500Theatre, Creativity, and Values4
THEO 3200Introduction to New Testament3
THEO 3212Gospel of John3
THEO 3375American Religious Texts and Traditions3
THEO 3390Church in Controversy3
THEO 3542Catholic Social Teaching3
THEO 3610Christ in World Cultures3
THEO 3620Great Christian Hymns3
THEO 3874Religion in America4
THEO 3876Muslims in America4
THEO 3995Religion and the American Self4
THEO 4005Women and Theology4
THEO 4008Religion and Ecology4
THEO 4013Religion and American Politics4
THEO 4025Future of Marriage in the 21st Century4
THEO 4040Home, Away, and In-Between4
THEO 4411Religion, Theology, and New Media4
THEO 4600Religion and Public Life4
THEO 4853Spirituality and Politics4
THEO 4870Economic Foundations of Catholic Social Teaching4

Other courses may apply at the discretion of the director of the program.