African and African American Studies Minor

Those students who minor in African and African American studies must complete a minimum of six one-semester courses:

Course Title Credits
One African History course
One African-American History course
Four Elective courses 1

Any course with the AFAM subject code or the AFAM attribute code may fulfill this requirement.

African History

Course Title Credits
AFAM 1600Understanding Historical Change: Africa3
AFAM 30714
AFAM 3140Contemporary Africa4
AFAM 3141Women and Social Change in Africa4
AFAM 3146African Immigrants in the United States3
AFAM 3148History of South Africa4
AFAM 3188Exploring Africa: Encounter, Expedition, and Representation4
AFAM 36954

African-American History

Course Title Credits
AFAM 3001African American History I4
AFAM 3002African American History II4
AFAM 3115Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X4
AFAM 3132Black Prison Experience4
AFAM 3632Harlem Renaissance4
HIST 3001African American History I4
HIST 3002African American History II4


The minor in African and African American studies is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, and Fordham's School of Professional and Continuing Studies at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center.