Fashion Studies Minor

The Fashion Studies minor is an interdisciplinary minor, weaving together business, creativity, and social theory.

Students must take six courses: three required introductory courses and three electives, depending upon their specific area of interest.

Course Title Credits
ANTH 1500Introduction to Fashion and Culture4
THEA 1210Introduction to Fashion Design3
MKBU 3436ST: The Business of Fashion3
Three fashion studies electives 1

Any course of three or more credits with the subject code FASH may fulfill this requirement, as may any course with the attribute FASH (see list below).

Fashion Studies electives

Courses in this group have the FASH attribute.

Course Title Credits
ANTH 1500Introduction to Fashion and Culture4
ARHI 2620Introduction to Fashion History4
COMC 2221Fashion as Communication: Syntax of Style4
COMC 3174Public Relations4
DTEM 2443Fashion and Digital Media4
FITV 2533Fashion Costuming in Film4
FITV 3534Fashion in British Film and Television4
FREN 3253Moliere: From Page to Stage4
JOUR 2787Fashion Journalism4
JOUR 3727Writing for Magazines4
JOUR 4767History of Women's Magazines4
MKBU 3432ST: Fashion Marketing3
MKBU 3435Consumer Behavior3
MKBU 3436ST: The Business of Fashion3
MKBU 3439ST: Branding3
MKBU 3461ST: Sustainable Fashion3
MVST 3215Medieval Fashion and Its Meanings3
PSYC 3320Consumer Behavior4
THEA 1210Introduction to Fashion Design3
THEA 1220Fashion Techniques3
THEA 2230Costume Design I3
VART 1135Visual Thinking3