Fashion Studies Minor

The Fashion Studies minor is an interdisciplinary minor, weaving together business, creativity, and social theory.

Students must take six courses: three required introductory courses and three electives, depending upon their specific area of interest.

Course Title Credits
ANTH 1500Introduction to Fashion and Culture4
THEA 1210Introduction to Fashion Design3
MKBU 3436ST: The Business of Fashion3
Three fashion studies electives

Fashion Studies electives

Courses in this group have the FASH attribute.

Course Title Credits
COMC 2221Fashion as Communication: Syntax of Style4
COMC 3174Public Relations4
COMC 3237Gender Images and Media4
DTEM 2443Fashion and Digital Media4
FITV 2533Fashion Costuming in Film4
FITV 3534Fashion in British Film and Television4
FREN 3253Moliere: From Page to Stage4
JOUR 3727Writing for Magazines4
JOUR 4767History of Women's Magazines4
MKBU 3432ST: Fashion Marketing3
MKBU 3435Consumer Behavior3
MKBU 3436ST: The Business of Fashion3
MKBU 3439ST: Branding3
MVST 3215Medieval Fashion and Its Meanings3
PSYC 3320Consumer Behavior4
SOCI 2200Sociology of Culture4
THEA 1210Introduction to Fashion Design3
THEA 1220Fashion Techniques3
THEA 2230Costume Design I3
VART 1135Visual Thinking3