Classical Civilization Minor

To complete the classical civilization minor, students should complete six courses bearing CLAS, GREK, or LATN subject codes or having the CLAS attribute.

  • At least two classes must be departmentally based: They must have either the CLAS, GREK, or LATN subject codes. HIST 1210 and HIST 1220 count as departmental courses for this requirement.
  • At least one classes must be at or above the 2000 level.
  • A maximum of four classes in LATN or GREK may count toward the major. Two Latin/Greek courses at the 1000 level may count only if both 1000-level courses are in the same language (Latin or Greek).


The minor in classical civilization is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill and Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Students in Fordham's School of Professional and Continuing Studies may minor in classical civilization only if they receive the approval of their advising dean and/or department, and their schedules are sufficiently flexible to permit them to take day courses at the Rose Hill or Lincoln Center campuses.