Digital Technologies and Emerging Media Minor

The digital technologies and emerging media (DTEM) minor requires six courses.

Course Title Credits
DTEM 1401Introduction to Digital Technologies and Emerging Media4
DTEM 1402Digital Cultures4
Select one DTEM methods course 1
Select one ethics, law, and policy course 2
Select two electives 3

Any DTEM course numbered 2410-2419, or COMC 1101 Communications and Culture: History, Theory, and Methods. Students in the class of 2021 and earlier are exempt from this requirement, and may take an additional DTEM elective instead.


See list of ELP courses under Ethics, Law, and Policy Course Requirement. Courses that have the CELP attribute typically explore the legal and regulatory frameworks within which media industries operate, and examine the ethical and moral questions that shape media production.


Any course with the DTEM subject code or the DTEM attribute code may fulfill this requirement. 


The minor in digital technologies and emerging media is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill and Fordham College at Lincoln Center.