Theology Religious Studies Second Major

In order to accommodate the needs of overlapping requirements, students who double-major in theology religious studies and another major have a slightly different set of requirements for their theology religious studies program. 

The second major comprises eight courses:

Course Title Credits
Select one Faith and Critical Reason course
Select one Sacred Texts and Traditions course
Select any two of the three Christian Thought and Practice Courses 18
Select four theology electives

Secondary majors are strongly encouraged, but not required, to take as an elective the capstone seminar described in the third tier of the Theology and Religious Studies Major.


The secondary major is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, and Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center.

Fordham College at Rose Hill students: The requirements above are in addition to those of the Core Curriculum.

Fordham College at Lincoln Center students: The requirements above are in addition to those of the Core Curriculum.

Professional and Continuing Studies students: The requirements above are in addition to those of the PCS Core Curriculum.