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In the long-standing tradition of Jesuit education, Fordham University encourages study that enhances students’ appreciation of the world’s people and their interdependence. Our goal is to enable students gain an understanding of other cultures and to encourage them to consider incorporating a global dimension into their chosen fields of study. As such, Fordham prides itself on its partnerships with programs that are committed to linguistic, cultural, and academic immersion and are integrated into the host communities. The University is also proud to offer one of the most extensive networks for foreign study of any major university. Since this network covers six regions (Africa, Europe, the Far East, Latin America, the Middle East, and Oceania), and the sponsored programs are wide-ranging and can accommodate various academic interests, students who meet the eligibility requirements and have enthusiasm for learning about the world beyond the United States should consider the following:

Sponsored programs at some destinations (mostly in Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and England) give students the opportunity to enroll directly and do all course work at a foreign university. Students considering these programs should note that they will be exposed not only to a different culture but also, and more significantly, to a different academic tradition and to different teaching styles, conventions, and assessment methods. In “island” or “hybrid” programs in which course work is mostly done at a study center for American students, the methods of assessment and expectations of students will be significantly closer to those with which American students are familiar, but exposure to students from the host country and their educational system will be limited. Some sponsored programs have a specific focus and are distinctively designed for students from Jesuit universities. These include: Casa de la Solidaridad at Universidad Centroamericana in El Salvador and the Beijing Center for Chinese Studies in China. Fordham University currently maintains two centers abroad. The Fordham University London Center offers semester-long programs in theatre and business studies: the London Dramatic Academy and the Gabelli School of Business in London. In addition, Fordham in Granada offers a spring semester program for students studying Spanish language and culture.

Our Office of International and Study Abroad Programs (ISAP) will answer most questions about how to plan for study abroad, how to apply for admission to sponsored programs, what programs cost per term, and what Fordham expects of participants. Planning ahead and careful consideration and research of available options are essential. All prospective study abroad applicants are thus expected to discuss in advance with their major or study abroad advisers which programs will meet their academic and personal objectives. In addition, students seeking to take courses in a foreign language must avoid a “gap” in language study while at Fordham.

Study abroad is not a requirement nor an entitlement of a Fordham education. Rather, applicants earn the right to study abroad by high academic performance (a cumulative 3.00 GPA is required), a clearly reasoned academic purpose, appropriate preparation, and conduct that demonstrates genuine enthusiasm for learning about and experiencing other cultures. Students enrolled in sponsored study abroad programs remain matriculated at Fordham University and are subject to the academic policies of the University and their major. As such, the following guidelines apply: a full-course semester load, equivalent with Fordham’s, is required, and the number of courses taken abroad must be consistent with all relevant graduation requirements; grades earned abroad (C or better only) are recorded on transcripts but are not calculated in the student’s GPA; pass/fail and one-credit courses will not transfer; no duplication of classes taken at Fordham can occur; and applications to semester or academic year programs are not open to freshmen or seniors. Students should also note that financial aid and scholarships are available (detailed information is available online and in ISAP’s offices). Finally, it is important to remember that timely submission of all required forms before, during, and after their time abroad is essential to secure necessary approvals and the transferring of credits.

Application deadlines periods are as follows: for fall and academic year study abroad, December 1 to February 15; for spring, April 1 to September 10; for summer, March 1.

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