Academic Curriculum

The Gabelli School of Business offers coursework in a variety of areas. Each student’s academic program has four distinct elements:

  1. The liberal arts core
  2. The business core
  3. The major and concentration(s)
  4. Electives

All students take the same liberal arts core and business core. They customize their academic program by choosing a major, concentration(s), and electives.

Each part of the academic program plays a specific role in a student’s overall education. The liberal arts core is designed to nurture curiosity and to give students the broad liberal arts foundation needed to engage in lifelong learning. The business core provides broad knowledge across all business disciplines while developing a student’s written and oral presentation abilities, capacity for teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The major and concentration(s) allow students to establish a focus in a specific area of business. Electives offer the chance to try new things and to cultivate additional areas of expertise.