Finance Major

Course Title Credits
FNBU 3441Investments & Security Anlys 13
ACBU 3436Global Financial Statement Analysis3
FNBU 4454ST: Financial Modeling3
Select three of the following:
Corporate Financial Policy
Portfolio Management
Futures and Options Market
Global Investments 2
ST: Fixed-Income Analysis
Select four electives from the following (at least two must be upper-level finance courses):
From those listed above
From other upper-level Gabelli School of Business finance or accounting courses 3
From the economics department 4

FNBU 3441 Investments & Security Anlys is a prerequisite for other courses within the major.


The Global Investments requirement may also be fulfilled by the second course in the Student Managed Investment Fund’s two-semester sequence. Students who have been accepted into the SMIF program should see their class dean for details.


Any course with the subject code FNBU or subject code ACBU, except for ACBU 3434 Intermediate Financial Accounting I or ACBU 3435 Intermediate Financial Accounting II, may fulfill this requirement.


Courses in the ECON department numbered 3000 or higher count toward this requirement, except for ECON 3743 Stocks, Bonds, Options, and Futures and ECON 3778 Corporate Finance, which do not count.

How Courses are Counted

A finance MAJOR student may count three finance classes toward fulfilling requirements for a finance oriented secondary concentration; otherwise, only one course may double count toward the major and a concentration or minor.  A finance CONCENTRATION student may count one class toward the concentration.  For example, a finance major may count all three value investing, alternative investments, or fintech secondary concentration courses toward the major.  However, a finance concentration may count only one class from any of those secondary finance concentrations.  In addition, all finance students may count only one course from an economics minor. 

Students must also complete the Gabelli School business and liberal arts Core Curricula.  In addition, all students complete between three and seven liberal arts electives depending on their major requirements.