Accounting - Public Accountancy Major (CPA-150 track)

Course Title Credits
ACBU 3434Intermediate Financial Accounting I3
ACBU 3435Intermediate Financial Accounting II3
ACBU 3441Advanced Concepts in Financial Accounting3
ACBU 3442Individual and Business Taxation3
ACBU 3443Assurance and Auditing3
ACBU 4646Ethics in Financial Reporting and Accounting3
ACBU 4444Sustainability Reporting and SASB Standards3
ACBU 3444Advanced Assurance and Auditing3
ACBU 3421ST: Accounting Information Systems3
ACBU 3445Corporate and Partnership Taxation3
BLBU 3436Commercial Transactions3
One upper-level accounting course 1
One upper-level finance course 2
Select one of the following options:
Seven upper-level business electives 3
Sustainability Reporting concentration and five upper-level business electives 3,4

Any course from the subject code ACBU numbered 3000 or higher may fulfill this requirement.


Any course from the subject code FNBU numbered 3440 or higher may fulfill this requirement.


Upper level business electives are any 3000-4999 numbered courses within a Gabelli School area.


See the Concentrations tab for details.

Students must also complete the Gabelli School business and liberal arts Core Curricula. In addition, all students complete between three and seven liberal arts electives depending on their major requirements.

Concentration in Sustainable Reporting

A new, standardized language is needed to articulate material non-financial risks as well as opportunities facing companies today. Both financial and non-financial risks affect a corporation's ability to create long-term value. Thus, reporting should include the way companies compete, use resources, and impact society.

The concentration in sustainable reporting enables students to further develop analytic tools and effective communication capabilities pertaining to this expanding field of study. Earning this unique concentration can better position you for careers not only in accounting but also in financial service-related fields that focus on non-financial considerations.

This concentration is only available to Gabelli School of Business students at Rose Hill pursuing a major in public accounting or public accountancy.

Students can complete this concentration as part of their major in public accounting or public accountancy without any additional courses.

Requirements for Public Accounting Majors

Course Title Credits
Two of the following courses:
Sustainability Reporting and SASB Standards
Ethics in Financial Reporting and Accounting
Business Risks In A Global Digital Economy 1
Two upper-level business electives:
ST: Sustainable Business (required for the concentration)
One of the following:
ST: Sustainability and Finance
ST:Social Entrepreneurship
ST:Fair Trade Entrepreneurship
ST: Social Marketing

This graduate-level course can be taken as an undergraduate, as part of the Gabelli School's 4+1 Undergraduate-to-Graduate degree options.

Requirements for Public Accountancy Majors

Course Title Credits
Required Course
ST: Sustainable Business
One of the following:
ST: Sustainability and Finance
ST:Social Entrepreneurship
ST:Fair Trade Entrepreneurship
ST: Social Marketing

In addition to the sustainability reporting track requirements listed above, students must also complete a sustainability reporting section of CBBU 1004 ST: Analytics IP, designated by the section attribute SRIP.