Liberal Arts Core

Students in the Gabelli School of Business are required to complete 13 courses in the liberal arts core as part of their degree requirements.

Course Title Credits
ENGL 1102Composition II 13
Texts and Contexts 23
PHIL 1000Philosophy of Human Nature3
PHIL 3000Philosophical Ethics3
THEO 1000Faith and Critical Reason3
Sacred Texts and Traditions 23
Understanding Historical Change 23
MATH 1108Math for Business: Finite 1, 33
MATH 1109Math for Business: Calculus 1, 3, 4, 53
ECON 1100Principles of Macroeconomics 1, 43
ECON 1200Principles of Microeconomics 1, 43
ECON 2140Statistics I 14
Fine Arts 23

Required course for the first year; must be completed prior to beginning the business core. Students in the Ignite Scholars Program complete an honors-level section of this course.


See below for a list of courses that fulfill these requirements.


If the student is pursuing a language course or a fundamental course (i.e. MATH 1001 Math for Business: Precalculus or ENGL 1101 Composition I), then this course may be taken later as advised by the student’s class dean.


Only these courses can be fulfilled by a score of 4 or 5 on an Advanced Placement exam. Other approved Advanced Placement exams with a score of 4 or 5 may fulfill a liberal arts or free elective requirement.


Gabelli School of Business students interested in pursuing a minor in Mathematics should take MATH 1206 Calculus I in lieu of MATH 1109 Math for Business: Calculus.

In all cases, the core curriculum also includes three distributive requirements: Global Studies, American Pluralism, and Senior Values Seminar. These requirements are satisfied by certain business courses for Gabelli School students.

  • The Global Studies requirement is fulfilled by completing any course with the GLBB attribute. All Gabelli School majors already require at least one such course.
  • The American Pluralism requirement is fulfilled by the completion of two business core courses: LPBU 3223 Principles of Management and MKBU 3225 Marketing Principles.
  • The Senior Values Seminar requirement is fulfilled by another business core course, BLBU 3443 Ethics in Business.

Any Gabelli School student who wishes to complete a liberal arts major must also complete the full liberal arts core required of FCRH and FCLC.

Courses fulfilling Liberal Arts Core requirements

Understanding Historical Change

The following courses, which have the HC attribute, fulfill this requirement:

Course Title Credits
AFAM 1600Understanding Historical Change: Africa3
CLAS 1210Understanding Historical Change: Ancient Greece3
CLAS 1220Understanding Historical Change: Ancient Rome3
HIST 1000Understanding Historical Change: Modern Europe3
HIST 1075Understanding Historical Change: Renaissance to Revolution in Europe3
HIST 1100Understanding Historical Change: American History3
HIST 1103Understanding Historical Change: Fighting for Equal Rights in American History3
HIST 1200Understanding Historical Change: Ancient History3
HIST 1210Understanding Historical Change: Ancient Greece3
HIST 1220Understanding Historical Change: Ancient Rome3
HIST 1240Understanding Historical Change: The Ancient World3
HIST 1300Understanding Historical Change: Medieval3
HIST 1400Understanding Historical Change: Latin America3
HIST 1450Understanding Historical Change: South Asian History3
HIST 1550Understanding Historical Change: Modern East Asia3
HIST 1551Understanding Historical Change: Representations of China and The West3
HIST 1600Understanding Historical Change: Africa3
HIST 1650Understanding Historical Change: The Black Atlantic3
HIST 1700Understanding Historical Change: Mideast3
HIST 1750Understanding Historical Change: Islamic History and Culture3
HIST 1850Understanding Historical Change: Jews in the Ancient and Medieval World3
HIST 1851Understanding Historical Change: Jews in the Modern World3
HIST 1925Understanding Historical Change: Science and Technology3
LALS 1400Understanding Historical Change: Latin America3

Fine Arts

The following courses, which have the FACC attribute, fulfill this requirement:

Course Title Credits
ARHI 1100Art History Introduction: World Art3
ARHI 1101Introduction to Art History: Europe3
ARHI 1102Introduction to Art History: Asia3
ARHI 1103Introduction to Art History: Americas3
ARHI 1104Introduction to Art History: Africa and African Diaspora3
ARHI 1105Introduction to Art History: Architecture3
ARHI 1298Art History AP3
ARHI 3480Art and Architecture in London4
MUSC 1051Who Cares If You Listen?! Music, Culture, and the Critical Ear3
MUSC 1100Introduction to Music History3
THEA 1100Invitation to Theatre3
THEA 3520Producing through a Social Justice Lens4
VART 1101Urbanism3
VART 1135Visual Thinking3


  • Gabelli School students in London may also apply MUSC 2031 Rock and Pop Music Since World War II to this requirement, even though it does not have the FACC attribute.
  • Gabelli School students may also apply ARHI 2534 The Victorian City: Art and Architecture in the 19th Century London to this requirement, even though it does not have the FACC attribute.
  • VART 1135 Visual Thinking has the FACC attribute effective Spring 2019.

Texts and Contexts

The following courses, which have the TC attribute, fulfill this requirement:

Course Title Credits
CLAS 2000Texts and Contexts3
COLI 2000Texts and Contexts3
ENGL 1004Texts and Contexts: Upward Mobility and the Common Good3
ENGL 2000Texts and Contexts3
HPLC 1201Honors: English3
MLAL 1010Spanish Colonialism Through Film3
MLAL 2000Texts and Contexts3

Sacred Texts and Traditions 

The following courses, which have the STXT attribute, fulfill this requirement:

Course Title Credits
HPLC 2811Honors Sacred Texts3
THEO 3100Introduction to Old Testament / Tanakh3
THEO 3102Book of Genesis3
THEO 3105The Torah3
THEO 3120The Prophets3
THEO 3130Bible as Migration Literature: Then and Now4
THEO 3200Introduction to New Testament3
THEO 3207The First Three Gospels3
THEO 3212Gospel of John3
THEO 3250Jesus in History and Faith3
THEO 3310Early Christian Writings3
THEO 3314St. Augustine of Hippo3
THEO 3316Byzantine Christianity3
THEO 3317Women of the Christian East3
THEO 3320Augustine, Aquinas, and Luther3
THEO 3330Medieval Theology Texts3
THEO 3332Christians, Muslims, Jews in the Medieval Period3
THEO 3335Queer Interpretations of Sacred Texts and Theology3
THEO 3340Christian Mystical Texts3
THEO 3345The Book of Revelation3
THEO 3350Apocalyptic Literature: Ancient & Modern3
THEO 3360Reformation Texts3
THEO 3361Protestant Texts3
THEO 3365Pentecostal Christianity3
THEO 3371The American Transcendentalists: Spirituality Without Religion3
THEO 3375American Religious Texts and Traditions3
THEO 3376Spirituals, the Blues, and African-American Christianity3
THEO 3380US Latinx Spiritualities3
THEO 3383Latin American Liberation Theologies3
THEO 3390Church in Controversy3
THEO 3542Catholic Social Teaching3
THEO 3546The Bible and Social Justice3
THEO 3605Scripture and the Human Response to Trauma3
THEO 3610Christ in World Cultures3
THEO 3611Scripture and the Struggle for Racial Justice3
THEO 3620Great Christian Hymns3
THEO 3652Liturgy That Does Justice3
THEO 3655The Journey of Faith: Autobiography as Sacred Text3
THEO 3711Sacred Texts of the Middle East3
THEO 3713Classic Jewish Texts3
THEO 3715Classic Islamic Texts3
THEO 3716Islam and Modernity3
THEO 3720Hindu Literature and Ethics3
THEO 3723Tibetan Religion: Visionary Experience3
THEO 3724Classic Buddhist Texts3
THEO 3725Buddhism in America: A Multimedia Investigation3
THEO 3728Buddhist Meditation3
THEO 3731Japanese Religions: Texts and Arts3
THEO 3733Chinese Religions3
THEO 3785Spiritual Exercises and Culture3
THEO 3854Ignatian Spirituality3
THEO 3882Comparative Mysticism3
THEO 3884Sufism: Islam's Mystical Tradition3