Sports Journalism Minor

Sports journalism is offered as a minor only. The minor in sports journalism focuses on developing broad journalistic skills and specific sports journalism training. Students examine issues of ethics, race, and gender in the world of athletics within the interdisciplinary context of business, law, and sociology.

The sports journalism minor requires six courses.

Course Title Credits
JOUR 1702Introduction to Journalism4
DTEM 2421Digital Production for New Media4
JOUR 2711Intermediate Multimedia Reporting4
Two Sports Journalism courses
One general sports-related course

Requirements for students who took JOUR 1701 in spring 2021 or earlier

Course Title Credits
JOUR 1701Introduction to Multimedia Journalism With Lab4
JOUR 2711Intermediate Multimedia Reporting 14
Select one of the following Sports Communication courses:4
Sports Communication
Sports Writing and Reporting
Sports Broadcasting
One course in Journalism Ethics, Law, Policy, or History 2
One course in Intermediate/Advanced Journalism Reporting/Writing 2
One general sports-related course

Students in the class of 2021 and earlier are exempt from this requirement, and may take an additional JOUR elective instead.


See Journalism Major for approved courses.

Sports Journalism courses

Courses in this group have the SJWR attribute.

Course Title Credits
JOUR 2786Sports Writing and Reporting4
JOUR 2789Sports Broadcasting4

General sports-related courses 

Courses in this group have the SJOR attribute. 

Course Title Credits
AFAM 3110The Black Athlete4
BLBU 4449ST: Sports and the Law3
CMBU 4488ST: Business of Sports Media3
COMC 3186Sports Communication4
COMC 3187Sports Communication in the Field4
INSY 3437ST: Sports Analytics3
JOUR 4789Sports Television Production: Theory and Practice4
MKBU 4454ST: Sports Marketing3
PSYC 3360Sports Psychology4
SOCI 3152Sociology of Sports4


The minor in sports journalism is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill and Fordham College at Lincoln Center. The sports journalism minor is not available to journalism majors due to overlap between the requirements. The majority of sports-focused journalism classes are taught at the Rose Hill campus.