Concentration in Global Marketing with Consumer Insights

Companies need marketers who can explain people. Unravel the mysteries behind why people buy what they buy, and you will be immeasurably valuable.

The Gabelli School at Lincoln Center’s program in global marketing with consumer insights gives you the skills you need to explain the complexities and contradictions of consumer behavior. By drawing together knowledge from marketingpsychologysociology, and anthropology, you will be able to develop creative new approaches.

The global marketing with consumer insights concentration will teach you to explain people’s shopping habits, discover what makes someone choose a certain brand, and find out what makes online shoppers click.

Marketing has long relied on traditional psychology-based approaches to consumer behavior. As today’s shoppers become harder to predict, however, companies are turning to anthropology to give them a deeper, more nuanced view of how consumers interact with their environment. This concentration prepares students to reveal, understand, and leverage consumer insights that can advance the state of marketing. Students take a mix of business and liberal arts courses—often marketing, anthropology, and psychology coursework—and then apply their knowledge through a required experiential component, such as an internship or global travel experience.

Graduates of this concentration are ready for careers in the burgeoning field of business anthropology and careers in consumer insights for which business anthropologists are hired.

The global marketing with consumer insights concentration can be pursued by students who are majoring in Global Business Administration at Lincoln Center.

Course Title Credits
MKBU 3441Marketing Research3
MKBU 3435Consumer Behavior3
MKBU 3457Bus Anthrop in Global Context3
MKBU 3459Cross Cultr Consumer Insight3
MKBU 4113Digital Marketing3
Social Science Elective 13 to 4
Marketing Elective 23

Any course with the subject code ANTH numbered 1100-4999 (of three or more credits) or the subject code SOCI numbered 1100-4999 (of three or more credits) may fulfill this requirement, as may the following Psychology courses: PSYC 1200 Foundations of Psychology, PSYC 2600 Social Psychology, PSYC 2700 Infant and Child Development, PSYC 2710 Adolescent and Adult Development, and PSYC 2800 Personality.


Courses with the subject code MKBU numbered 3226-4999 (of at least 1.5 credits) may fulfill this requirement.