International Political Economy

International political economy concerns understanding of the complex interactions of economics, politics, and cultures driving the global economy.

Fordham offers undergraduate and graduate programs that offer a unique and innovative interdisciplinary approach to analyzing contemporary global economic relations as well as international development issues.

Program Activities

Study Abroad

Majors are encouraged to study abroad during junior year in order to complement their learning experience at Fordham.


Students may receive credit for internships having an international focus.


Seniors may apply for membership into Sigma Iota Rho, the National Honor Society for International Studies. Applicants are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.2 and to have applied for prestigious fellowships, such as the Fulbright, or selected internships with international agencies, such as the State Department.

For more information

Visit the international political economy program web page. 

Courses in Other Areas

The following courses offered outside the program have the IPE attribute and count toward the international political economy major. In addition, those courses with the ARAB, FREN, GERM, ITAL, JPAN, MAND, RUSS, and SPAN subject codes numbered from 1500 to 4999 also count toward the major.

Course Title Credits
AFAM 1600Understanding Historical Change: Africa3
AFAM 3036Global Black Youth Cultures4
AFAM 3037Being and Becoming Black in the Atlantic World4
AFAM 3072Civil Wars in Africa4
AFAM 3075Democracy in Africa4
AFAM 3141Women and Social Change in Africa4
AFAM 3148History of South Africa4
AFAM 3150Caribbean Peoples and Culture4
AMCS 3256Comparative Economic Systems4
ANTH 1050Anthropology Focus3
ANTH 1300Introduction to Archaeology3
ANTH 2500Taboo: Anthropology of the Forbidden4
ANTH 2619Magic, Science, and Religion4
ANTH 2620The Anthropology of Cities4
ANTH 2700You Are What You Eat: The Anthropology of Food4
ANTH 2770Anthropology of Childhood4
ANTH 2800The Anthropology of Food: Community Engaged Learning4
ANTH 2880Human Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective4
ANTH 2886Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality4
ANTH 3340Anthropological Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity4
ANTH 3351Comparative Cultures4
ANTH 3725Culture and Culture Change4
ANTH 4114Anthropology of Health Healing and Social Justice4
ANTH 4373Environment and Human Survival4
ANTH 4490Anthropology of Political Violence4
ARAB 1501Intermediate Arabic I3
ARAB 1502Intermediate Arabic II3
ARAB 2001Arabic Language and Literature3
ARAB 2400Approaches to Arabic Culture4
ARAB 2450The Short Story of Arabic Literature4
ARAB 2601Arabic Conversation and Composition3
ARAB 2602Arabic Immersion in Morocco4
ARAB 3000Topics in Arabic Cultures4
ARAB 3010Human Rights in Arabic Literature4
ARAB 9152Intermediate Arabic II0
COLI 3466Discovering French Cinema4
COLI 3480Francophone Caribbean Literature4
COMC 3380International Communication4
ECON 1100Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 1200Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 2140Statistics I4
ECON 2142Statistics II4
ECON 3210Development Economics4
ECON 3235Economy of Latin America4
ECON 3240World Poverty4
ECON 3242Global Economic Issues4
ECON 3244International Economic Policy4
ECON 3245International Institutions: Economics and Politics4
ECON 3248Migration and Development: A Social Justice Perspective4
ECON 3256Comparative Economic Systems4
ECON 3340Economics of International Business4
ECON 3346International Trade4
ECON 3347International Finance4
ECON 3430ST: Sustainable Business4
ECON 4005Fair Trade Entrepreneurship4
ENST 3307Environmental Politics4
ENST 3308Catastrophe and Human Survival4
FREN 1501Intermediate French I3
FREN 1502Intermediate French II3
FREN 1999Tutorial1
FREN 2001French Language and Literature3
FREN 2100Grammar and Phonetics4
FREN 2600France: Literature, History, and Civilization4
FREN 2601French Conversation and Composition4
FREN 2999Tutorial2
FREN 3005French Business Culture4
FREN 3006French International Affairs4
FREN 3030What Is Writing? The Inscription of Culture From Page to Screen4
FREN 3100Medieval French Literature4
FREN 3101Word and Image in Medieval France4
FREN 3125Mapping the Nation4
FREN 3130Culture and Science in France4
FREN 3175French Renaissances4
FREN 3225Hollywood's Holy Grail: Medieval French Literature on the Screen4
FREN 3253Moliere: From Page to Stage4
FREN 3265Writing for Theatre4
FREN 3275Documentary and Storytelling in the Francophone World4
FREN 3290Early Authors Modern Theory4
FREN 3300The Enlightenment4
FREN 3301France and Global Enlightenment4
FREN 3333Tableaux: Art and Theater: 1700s4
FREN 3340Amazones, Salonnières, and Révolutionnaires: Women writers in Ancien Régime France4
FREN 3350Thinkers and Moralists4
FREN 3360French Autobiography4
FREN 3440The Forbidden Reading of Flaubert's Madame Bovary4
FREN 3450Writers and Lawbreakers4
FREN 3453The Flaneur in Paris4
FREN 3460Postcolonial Representations4
FREN 3464French Films d'Auteur4
FREN 3465Women on the Margins4
FREN 3466Discovering French Cinema4
FREN 3470Francophone North Africa4
FREN 3471Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa4
FREN 3476Conflict and Violence in Francophone African Cinemas4
FREN 3478The Essay Film4
FREN 3479The New Wave Arrives4
FREN 3480Francophone Caribbean Literature4
FREN 3490Africa: Society and Culture Through Film4
FREN 3500French Literary Theory4
FREN 3510Translation: Theory and Practice4
FREN 3550In Search of Lost Time: Modernity, Temporality, and the Self in 20th Century French Literature4
FREN 3555Man: Beast or Machine4
FREN 3564French Theatre and Performance (Taught in French)4
FREN 3565French Contemporary Novel4
FREN 3566French Contemporary Theater4
FREN 3600France Today4
FREN 3605Cultural and Literary History of Journalism4
FREN 3630Francophone Voices From North Africa4
FREN 3631North African France4
FREN 3637Francophone Middle East4
FREN 3640Postcolonial Representation4
FREN 3675America! French and Francophone Perspectives4
FREN 3999Tutorial3
FREN 4998Senior Thesis Tutorial4
FREN 4999Tutorial4
FREN 5090French for Reading0
FREN 9101Introduction to French I0
FREN 9102Introduction to French II0
FREN 9151Intermediate French I0
FREN 9152Intermediate French II0
FREN 9201French Language and Literature0
FREN 9260France: Lit., Hist., Civ.0
GERM 1501Intermediate German I3
GERM 1502Intermediate German II3
GERM 1999Tutorial1
GERM 2001German Language and Literature3
GERM 2100Advanced German Grammar4
GERM 2601German Conversation and Composition3
GERM 2650Business German4
GERM 2800German Short Stories4
GERM 2999Tutorial2
GERM 3010Frisch Aus Der Presse: Media and Communication4
GERM 3015Medienspiegel: Conversations About Current Affairs4
GERM 3050The Sound of Music: German Music and Musical Genres4
GERM 3051Survey of Literature I4
GERM 3052Survey of Literature II4
GERM 3302German Through the Senses4
GERM 3303Borders and Crossings4
GERM 3307Germany and Migration4
GERM 3310Deep in the Forest: The Pagan-Christian Enchantment of the Fairy Tale4
GERM 3566Deutschland 1968: Protest, Hippies, Und Terroristen (Taught in German)4
GERM 3999Tutorial3
GERM 4998Senior Thesis Tutorial4
GERM 4999Tutorial4
GERM 5001Graduate Reading in German I0
GERM German II0
GERM 9101Introduction to German I0
GERM 9151Intermediate German I0
GERM 9201German Language and Literature0
HEBW 1501Intermediate Hebrew I3
HEBW 1502Intermediate Hebrew II3
HEBW 2001Hebrew Language and Literature I3
HIST 1000Understanding Historical Change: Modern Europe3
HIST 1400Understanding Historical Change: Latin America3
HIST 1450Understanding Historical Change: South Asian History3
HIST 1550Understanding Historical Change: Modern East Asia3
HIST 1600Understanding Historical Change: Africa3
HIST 1700Understanding Historical Change: Mideast3
HIST 1750Understanding Historical Change: Islamic History and Culture3
HIST 1851Understanding Historical Change: Jews in the Modern World3
HIST 3362Crime and Punishment in Europe4
HIST 3416European Women: 1800-Present4
HIST 345520th Century Ireland4
HIST 3457Britain: 1867-Present4
HIST 3503Modern France: 1900 to Present4
HIST 3541Modern Italy4
HIST 3549Global Italy4
HIST 3555Hitler's Germany4
HIST 3566War and Imperialism4
HIST 3614Revolutionary and Soviet Russia4
HIST 362020th Century Europe4
HIST 3634Modern South Asian History4
HIST 3670The Modern Middle East4
HIST 3675History of Modern Israel4
HIST 3858The Global Cold War4
HIST 3915Contemporary China4
HIST 3920Modern Japan4
HIST 3922East Asian Cities4
HIST 3925The Holocaust4
HIST 3946African Economies and Humanitarianism4
HIST 3968Mexico4
HIST 3972Revolution in Central America4
HIST 3975The Caribbean4
HIST 3986Religion and Politics in Islamic History4
HIST 3992Capitalism4
HIST 4757Seminar: The Third Reich4
HIST 4767Seminar: Torture and the Western Experience4
HPRH 3001Religion in the Modern World4
IRST 3409Irish Language and Culture 14
ITAL 1501Intermediate Italian I3
ITAL 1502Intermediate Italian II3
ITAL 1999Tutorial1
ITAL 2001Italian Language and Literature3
ITAL 2400Acting in Italian0
ITAL 2500Approaches to Literature4
ITAL 2561Reading Culture Through Literature4
ITAL 2605Italian Conversation and Composition4
ITAL 2640Classics of Italian Cinema4
ITAL 2700Filming the City Inside and Out: A Cinematic Journey Through Italy4
ITAL 2705The Souths of Italy: Words, Images, and Sounds4
ITAL 2800Italy and the Arts: Politics, Religion, and Imagination in Medieval and Renaissance Italy4
ITAL 2805Gods, Demigods, and Men: Renaissance and Baroque Italian Theater4
ITAL 2910Emigration in Literature and Film 1850-Present4
ITAL 2999Tutorial2
ITAL 3002The Art of Translation4
ITAL 3005Translation: Theory and Practice4
ITAL 3011Dante and His Age4
ITAL 3012Medieval Storytelling4
ITAL 3020Renaissance and Baroque Novella4
ITAL 3021Vice and Virtue in Medieval Italian Literature4
ITAL 3030Criminal Tales4
ITAL 3050Arts and Politics in Italian Humanism4
ITAL 3051Survey of Italian Literature4
ITAL 3062Ethics and Economic Value in Medieval Literature4
ITAL 3063Saturian Spirits: Art and Literature in Italy4
ITAL 3111New Italian Cinema4
ITAL 3120Renaissance Literature4
ITAL 3125Magnificence and Power: The Medici and Renaissance Florence4
ITAL 3215Love and Honor in the Renaissance Courts4
ITAL 3452Italophone Migrant Literature From Africa and Beyond4
ITAL 3500Comedy and Satire in Italian Cinema4
ITAL 3530The Stage and Society Since 17004
ITAL 3550Italian Unification: Film/Literature4
ITAL 3553Italy From Unification to 1945: Literature, Culture, and Society of the Modern Period4
ITAL 3625The Modern Italian Theater4
ITAL 3650Italy at War4
ITAL 3701Italian Women Writers4
ITAL 3901Narrative and Film4
ITAL 3910Italy Today4
ITAL 3999Tutorial3
ITAL 4800Italian Internship2-4
ITAL 4998Senior Thesis Tutorial4
ITAL 4999Tutorial4
ITAL 5090Italian for Reading0
JPAN 1501Intermediate Japanese I3
JPAN 1502Intermediate Japanese II3
JPAN 2001Japanese Language and Literature3
LALS 1400Understanding Historical Change: Latin America3
LALS 3968Mexico4
LALS 3972Revolution in Central America4
LALS 4100Speaking For/As the Other4
LALS 4855Fascisms, Aesthetics and the Hispanic World4
LPBU 4005ST:Fair Trade Entrepreneurship3
MAND 1501Intermediate Mandarin I3
MAND 1502Intermediate Mandarin II3
MAND 2001Mandarin Language and Literature3
MAND 2500Approaches to Literature4
MAND 2601Mandarin Conversation and Composition4
MAND 2999Tutorial2
MAND 3002Topics in Chinese Culture4
MAND 3015Learning Mandarin Chinese Through Music and Songs4
MAND 3020Learn Chinese Through Film4
MAND 3025Reading Chinese Short Stories4
MAND 3030Masterpieces of Chinese Film: Theory and Texts4
MAND 3040Topics in Mandarin Chinese Literature4
MAND 3050China in the Headlines: An Advanced Newspaper Reading Course in Mandarin Chinese4
MAND 3055China and Globalization4
MAND 3999Tutorial3
MAND 4999Tutorial4
MAND 9101Intro to Mandarin I0
MAND 9152Intermediate Mandarin II0
MAND 9201Mandarin Language and Literature0
MEST 4001Seminar: Middle East4
MLAL 3005Themes in Latina/o and Latin American Studies4
MLAL 3012Medieval Storytelling4
MLAL 3033Prison Literature from Martin Luther to Martin Luther King4
MLAL 3048Political Thought in Modern Asia4
MLAL 3049Modern Chinese Political Thought4
MLAL 3050Becoming Germany—German Literature, Film, and Popular Culture after World War II4
MLAL 4006Dante's Cosmos: Medieval Science, Theology, and Poetry in the Divina Commedia4
MLAL 4011Anni Di Piombo/Years of Lead: Culture, Politics, and Violence4
MLAL 4100Speaking For/As the Other4
MVST 3225Hollywood's Holy Grail: Medieval French Literature on the Screen4
MVST 3501Between Conquest and Convivencia: The Spanish Kingdoms of the Middle Ages4
PHIL 3701Human Rights Theories: Foundations and History4
PJST 3110Introduction to Peace and Justice4
PJST 3200Environmental Justice4
PJST 4200Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking4
POSC 2501Introduction to International Politics4
POSC 2610Introduction to Comparative Politics4
POSC 3307Environmental Politics4
POSC 3312Introduction to Environmental Politics4
POSC 3418Islamic Political Thought4
POSC 3507International Human Rights4
POSC 3516Conflict Analysis/Resolution4
POSC 3520Mideast and the World4
POSC 3521Global Governance4
POSC 3522United Nations4
POSC 3530U.S. Foreign Policy4
POSC 3605Comparative Democracy4
POSC 3610Political Economy of Development4
POSC 3616Political Economy of Poverty4
POSC 3620British Government and Politics4
POSC 3621European Politics4
POSC 3622Politics of the European Union4
POSC 3632China and U.S. in Global Era4
POSC 3636China and the Global Economy4
POSC 3641Latin American Politics4
POSC 3651Comparative Politics of the Middle East4
POSC 3915International Political Economy4
POSC 4022Seminar: China in Global Affairs4
POSC 4400Seminar: Global Justice4
POSC 4515Seminar: International Politics of Peace4
POSC 4900Seminar: Democracy, Development, and the Global Economy4
RUSS 1501Intermediate Russian I3
RUSS 1502Intermediate Russian II3
RUSS 1901Grammar Review Russia Speaker4
RUSS 1999Tutorial1
RUSS 2001Russian Language and Literature3
RUSS 2300Russian From Intermediate to Advanced4
RUSS 2500Approaches to Literature4
RUSS 2601Russian Conversation and Composition4
RUSS 2640Russian Short Fiction4
RUSS 2650Media and the Russian State: News Outlets From 19th Century to Present Day Russia4
RUSS 2999Tutorial2
RUSS 3002Genres and Styles Russian Literature4
RUSS 3999Tutorial3
RUSS 4999Tutorial4
RUSS 9101Introduction to Russian I0
RUSS 9151Intermediate Russian I0
RUSS 9152Intermediate Russian II0
RUSS 9201Russian Language and Literature0
SOCI 2505Religion and Social Change4
SOCI 3046International Sociology4
SOCI 3110Global Conflict: Wars/Religion4
SOCI 3148Population and Economic Development Issues4
SOCI 3415Development and Globalization4
SOCI 3714Terrorism and Society4
SOCI 4500Demography and Data Analysis4
SPAN 1501Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 1502Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 2001Spanish Language and Literature3
SPAN 2301Spanish for Heritage Speakers3
SPAN 2305Spanish Conversation and Composition4
SPAN 2450Business Spanish4
SPAN 2500Approaches to Literature4
SPAN 2655Creative Writing in Spanish4
SPAN 2700Hispanic Legends4
SPAN 3001Spain: Literature and Culture Survey4
SPAN 3002Latin America: Literature and Culture Survey4
SPAN 3007Spanish Linguistics4
SPAN 3066Survey of Latin American Film4
SPAN 3072Geographies of Power/Injustice4
SPAN 3210Transatlantic Picaresque4
SPAN 3230Sinful Business4
SPAN 3250God, Gold, and Glory4
SPAN 3275Hybrid Futures: A Panorama of Mexican Short Fiction4
SPAN 3300Modern Latin American Visual Culture4
SPAN 3301Federico Garcia Lorca and His World4
SPAN 3305Posthuman Mestizaje and the Non-Human Turn in Mexican Culture4
SPAN 3405Women Translators in the Spanish-Speaking World4
SPAN 3407Foreignness & Translation: Multilingual Autobio Writing in Contemp Latin-Am & Latino Lit (1980-2015)4
SPAN 3530Excess in Spanish Lit4
SPAN 3535Unus Mundus: Deconstructing 'Time' Through Spanish Literature4
SPAN 3540Spain and Islam4
SPAN 3550Expressing the Colonies4
SPAN 3560Reimagining the Colonies4
SPAN 3561Representing the Gypsy4
SPAN 3582New York in Latinx Literature and Film4
SPAN 3583New York City Latino Theatre and Performance4
SPAN 3610Children's Gaze in Latin American Literature4
SPAN 3625Spanish-American Short Fiction4
SPAN 3642Spanish-American Literature and Popular Music4
SPAN 3701Spanish-American Women Writers4
SPAN 3710Contemporary Latin American Fiction4
SPAN 3712Literatures of the Latin American Boom and Post-Boom4
SPAN 3715Latin American Cyberliterature4
SPAN 3730Writing Violence: Peru, 1980-20004
SPAN 3770Cultures of Memory and Post-Memory in Contemporary Chile4
SPAN 3771Cultures of Memory and Post-Memory in Contemporary Chile1
SPAN 3800The Spanish Diaspora4
SPAN 3809Argentine Literature and Film4
SPAN 3820Hispanic Caribbean Literature4
SPAN 3850Narrating the City4
SPAN 3908Francoist Spain4
SPAN 3950The Fantastic in Spanish Literature and Film4
SPAN 3990Spanish Immersion in Spain0
SPAN 3995Spanish in Context0
SPAN 3999Tutorial3
SPAN 4001Cervantes and Don Quixote4
SPAN 4005Painting the Empire: Understanding the Spanish Empire Through Art and Literature4
SPAN 4018Cuba: Revolution, Literature and Film4
SPAN 4511Spanish Civil War4
SPAN 4520Spain in Context4
SPAN 4800Internship4
SPAN 4855Fascisms, Aesthetics and the Hispanic World4
SPAN 4998Senior Thesis Tutorial4
SPAN 4999Tutorial4
SPAN 5090Spanish for Reading0
SPAN 9101Introduction to Spanish I0
SPAN 9152Intermediate Spanish II0
SPAN 9305Spanish Conversation & Comp0
WGSS 3416European Women 1800-Present4