International Business Secondary Concentration

Regardless of your chosen concentration, a focus on international business will prepare you to operate in our increasingly globalized commercial environment.

Completing an International Business secondary concentration indicates that you have prioritized the cross-cultural competencies that are prized by any organization that works across borders.

Students who pursue the international business secondary concentration are encouraged to join the Fordham Global Professional Society. This club recognizes the unique needs of individuals planning careers in international business and supports the development of the skill set needed to understand the mechanics of international business and the unwritten rules of cross-cultural management.

To earn the International Business secondary concentration, students must earn nine credits from three upper-level classes that are coded as International Business courses. These courses are listed below.

Courses in this group have the ABIB attribute.

Course Title Credits
ACGB 7136International Accounting3
BEGB 7243Contemp Issues Global Fin3
BEGB 7244Global Finance3
BEGB 7251Intl Trade & Development1.5,3
BLGB 739CInternational Business Ethics3
CMGB 7525Cross Cultural Negotiation and Communication3
CMGB 7537Crisis Communication and Leadership Strategies1.5-3
CMGB 759ZGaining Global Bus Pers:Galway3
FNGB 7455Global Finance3
FNGB 7458Contemp Issues Globl Fin3
FNGB 749UGlobal Financial Markets3
FNGB 74AHGlobal Corp Governance3
FNGB 74AIGlobal Equity Portfolio Management3
FNGB 74AJGlobal Risk Management3
FNGB 74AKRaising Capital and Investing in Global Financial Markets3
FNGB 74AMEmerging Markets1.5,3
GLGB 7511Global Immersion Galway3
ISGB 7901E Business Strategies & Appl3
ISGB 7910Info Systems Strategy & Mgmt3
ISGB 7989Info Tech in Transnatl3
ISGB 799LStudy Tour: Germany3
LPGB 7615Cross-Cultural Negotiation and Communications3
LPGB 869BLeading Global Corporations1.5
MMGB 7637Crisis Communication and Leadership Strategies3
SAGB 7671Industry Analysis and Strategic Planning3

NOTE: Some courses are cross-listed in multiple departments. Cross-listed courses can only be taken once, but may be taken from any course code.