Global Sustainability Secondary Concentration

People, planet, and profit—this “triple bottom line” is starting to matter to more companies as consumers demand that corporations care about more than making money.

It’s no longer just the Starbucks and the Whole Foods that integrate sustainability into their business model: You find it just as often at Coca-Cola, Adidas, Tiffany & Co., Unilever, GE, and the largest multinational banks.

The Global Sustainability secondary concentration shows employers that a student has made an academic investment in understanding the complex issues facing companies that are trying to run successful businesses while keeping the environment and human dignity in mind.

Select courses from outside the graduate business school—offered by other Fordham graduate divisions—also can be taken toward the Global Sustainability secondary concentration. For more information, please consult your academic advisor.

Students who pursue the GS secondary concentration are encouraged to join Net Impact. This student group provides a forum for future business leaders to discuss new opportunities to create meaningful careers that create value for both the business leaders and for society.

To earn the Global Sustainability secondary concentration, students must earn nine credits from three upper-level classes that are coded as Global Sustainability courses. These courses are listed below:

Courses in this group have the ABGS attribute.

Course Title Credits
BEGB 7251Intl Trade & Development1.5,3
BISC 5510Conservation Biology3
BLGB 739CInternational Business Ethics3
CMGB 7525Cross Cultural Negotiation and Communication3
CMGB 7531Comm Corp Image Responsibility3
CMGB 7563Ethics & Soc Resp in Media Ent3
ECON 6460Agriculture and Development3
EVGL 0290Climate Change Law and Policy2
FNGB 749JSustainability & Finance3
FNGB 74AZInnov in Business & Energy3
FNGB 74BDImpact Investing3
FNGB 74BPWharton-Impact Investment Workshop3
IPED 6520Int'l Law & Development3
ISGB 7910Info Systems Strategy & Mgmt3
ISGB 7945IT and Sustainability3
LPGB 7615Cross-Cultural Negotiation and Communications3
LPGB 7637Entrepreneurial Mindset1.5,3
LPGB 769ALeadership for the 21st Century3
LPGB 76AVDeveloping the Sustainability Mindset3
LPGB 76CBSustainable Business Master Class3
MKGB 7720Consumer Behavior3
MKGB 7792New Product Development3
POSC 6640Pol of Global Econ Rel3
SAGB 76BMInnovation in Business and Energy3
SAGB 76BVSustainability & Strategy3

NOTE: Some courses are cross-listed in multiple departments. Cross-listed courses can only be taken once, but may be taken from any course code.