Electronic Business Secondary Concentration

In today’s economy, it’s more challenging to find examples of business that isn’t electronic. The touch points between technology and commerce are too numerous to count.

This secondary concentration indicates that a student has made an academic investment in learning about innovative, tech-driven improvements in business—and has explored the opportunities, ethical questions, and resulting forces created by technological advances.

Students who pursue the Electronic Business secondary concentration are encouraged to join the Fordham Media and Entertainment Alliance, which was formed to enhance relationships between the community and the media and entertainment industry. The alliance creates ongoing access to industry professionals through panel discussions, networking events, site visits, and seminars.

To earn the Electronic Business secondary concentration, students must earn nine credits from three upper-level classes that are coded as Electronic Business courses.

Courses in this group have the ABEB attribute.

Course Title Credits
BLGB 7325Law of Trad & New Media3
CMGB 7500Media Systems and Markets3
CMGB 7554Consumer Adopt of New Med3
CMGB 7556Law of Trad & New Media3
ISGB 7901E Business Strategies & Appl3
ISGB 7905Web Applications Development3
ISGB 7924Mobile E-Commerce and Apps3
ISGB 7945IT and Sustainability3
ISGB 7978Web Analytics3

NOTE: Either version of Law of Traditional and New Media (BLGB 7325 or CMGB 7556) class may be taken, but not both.