Study Abroad

Traveling to another country offers an unparalleled advantage for business students. Abroad, Gabelli School students have the chance to immerse themselves in a distinct business culture, make connections at an all-new roster of corporations, learn another language, and expand their cultural fluency. Gabelli School students should integrate as much international experience as possible into their undergraduate careers.

There are three options available to business students, who may take advantage of one or all:

  • Full semesters abroad
  • Short-term summers abroad
  • Seven- to 10-day global immersion courses

Full Semesters and Summers Abroad

The Gabelli School encourages qualified students to study for a semester or summer in another country. Fordham has partnerships with many colleges and universities that offer study abroad opportunities. Applications for these programs can be found in the Office of International and Study Abroad Programs (ISAP).

Of particular interest is the Gabelli School of Business in London program, which combines the advantages of an overseas experience with actual Fordham courses that can be used to fulfill core and major requirements. The Gabelli School in London gives students an advanced socioeconomic understanding of business in the U.K. and Europe through coursework, corporate visits, and cultural excursions. Accounting, marketing, finance, and other disciplines get a fresh context in Europe. This program is available in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Global Immersion Courses

No time in your schedule for a full semester abroad? Prefer to experience several countries rather than only one? Already studied abroad for a semester but want to hit one or two more destinations? Global immersion courses meet all of these needs—and more. These seven- to 10-day trips are connected directly with a business class; for example, the Entrepreneurship and Fair Trade course includes a tour to meet business people in India. Travel takes place over winter or spring break or at the end of a semester, to accommodate students’ schedules. Students travel the entire time with Fordham professors and deans, are met on the ground by knowledgeable local guides, and stay in excellent hotels. Global immersion courses include visits to the offices of corporations, exchanges, and markets; meetings with business leaders; excursions to noteworthy historical sites; meals at traditional restaurants; and sometimes even sessions with Fordham alumni who live abroad. Destinations change each semester; past countries visited include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Peru, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. 

For more information

Visit the Gabelli School Global Business Education web pages and the Fordham office of International and Study Abroad Programs.