Dual-Degree Programs

In today's business world, advanced degrees carry an ever-greater advantage in helping graduates distinguish themselves in the eyes of potential employers. Certain self-directed, academically capable students can complete their Fordham education through the master's level in business in five years. There is also a dual-degree program that allows the completion of a law degree in six years. Information on both options is below.

Specific requirements and offerings of the dual-degree programs change often. For that reason, interested students are encouraged to visit the Gabelli School website for the most up-to-date information.

4+1 Programs

Fordham undergraduate students can apply to enroll in a business-related Master of Science (M.S.) program immediately after completing their undergraduate degree. For more information, please visit the 4+1 Programs section of the Gabelli School website.

B.S./J.D .Program

This six-year dual-degree program, known as the 3-3 Program, enables students to complete an undergraduate degree at the Gabelli School and a law degree at Fordham Law School within a total of six years. Participants study at the Gabelli School for three years and then move on to the law school. The B.S. is awarded in the fourth year, following the completion of the first year of law school. To participate, students must

  • complete all core and major requirements and at least 92 credits before beginning law school;
  • maintain a superior grade point average, including transfer credits;
  • have a very strong LSAT score; it is preferable that the LSAT scores be available by December of the academic year in which the application is made.

Students who meet these criteria will be eligible to apply to Fordham Law School during their junior year. Interested students should meet with their academic advisers early on to make sure they complete all necessary undergraduate courses and credits. The program may be successfully pursued without advanced placement courses; however, advanced coursework will give students greater flexibility to take electives.

Students who intend to participate in the 3-3 Program must have an interview with the Gabelli School pre-law adviser, who will select candidates to forward to the admissions office at Fordham Law. Admission is not guaranteed and is very competitive. Students must meet Fordham Law's admissions criteria, which can vary from year to year.