An internship is a short-term, pre-professional work experience that provides hands-on practice and skill development in a professional environment. Internships may take place during the fall, spring, or summer semesters; may be paid or unpaid; may help you to earn college credit or not; and can be full-time or part-time. On average, 91% of Gabelli School students hold at least one internship during their college careers. Internships can help students to:

  • Explore a possible career interest
  • Choose a major or career path
  • See the real-world application of concepts learned in class
  • Gain work experience and develop marketable skills
  • Build a résumé
  • Cultivate professional contacts and references
  • Test out a possible future employer
  • Get into a track toward a permanent job (successful interns may receive full-time offers)
  • Earn income

Please note that Gabelli School students may not pursue internships during the school year as first years. They may begin holding internships in the summer following their first year.

Successful internships depend on the right match between a student and employer. For guidance on obtaining an internship that truly will provide advancement toward a desired career, students should seek out the Personal and Professional Development Center staff. Students can search industry information on the CareerInsights database and apply for internships via the CareerLink posting site. 

Academic Credit for Internships

Students may pursue internships of two types: for-credit and not-for-credit. The following section provides an explanation of the for-credit type and outlines the steps students must take to receive academic credit.

Gabelli School students may earn one-credit per semester for an internship opportunity. Students should work with their class dean to obtain and complete the internship forms to request credit. An internship course does not replace a full course for graduation requirements.

To receive credit for an internship, students must complete these steps:

  1. Seek an internship1: through the Office of Career Services, using its CareerLink database; through the Gabelli School’s Personal and Professional Development Center; by networking; by conducting your own independent search; or with the help of a Gabelli School faculty member. If you want, the Personal and Professional Development Center staff can help you to perfect your résumé and cover letter.
  2. Once the internship has been secured, students should consult with their class dean about earning credit. 
  3. Fill out and sign the internship registration form and statement of responsibility and submit it as instructed within two weeks of starting the internship, if possible. Students should contact their class dean to obtain the registration form and statement of responsibility
  4. Students should register before the semester begins, but they may register after the semester begins with permission from their class dean. Students may not retroactively enroll in the internship course for credit after the semester has ended or near the end of the semester. Note: Many students will obtain their internship during the semester and will still be able to register for the one-credit internship course at that time
  5. Note : International students on the F-1 Visa MUST register for credit when they accept their internship, then have their academic adviser fill in the required CPT form, then bring it along with their I-20 and their official offer letter from the employer to the Office of International Services BEFORE they start their first day of work. International students on F-1 Visas should make sure to follow all regulations and give themselves enough lead time to get the paperwork done.
  6. Complete a minimum of 60 hours in the internship for the semester (or summer)
  7. Students may receive credit for an internship whether the internship is paid or unpaid.
  8. Complete the internship course by submitting the online reflection and internship evaluation and attending any required events or class meetings (if applicable). The online reflection and internship evaluation is due by the week of finals and must be submitted online. If a student’s online reflection and internship evaluation are not received by the deadline, a failing ("F") grade will be awarded.
  9. The one-credit internship course is taken on a pass/fail basis only.

Note: Students typically begin their search for an internship about four to five months prior to the planned start date for the internship, but this can vary dramatically depending on the industry and the sector within the industry. Each company, industry, and sector may have different time frames for recruiting interns. Students are urged to see their class dean or a Personal and Professional Development Center staff member for more information.