Research with Faculty

Just as the Global Business Honors Program and Honors Thesis Program allow students to conduct their own original research, a separate Gabelli School program offers students the chance to collaborate with professors on faculty research.

Undergraduate research assistantships are open to Gabelli School sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance and a strong interest in academic inquiry. Students assist a full-time faculty member on his or her research throughout the school year. Opportunities vary each semester in quantity of assistantships available and topics being researched, depending on faculty needs. In this program

  • A student works with one or more faculty members on a faculty-directed research project.
  • The student is compensated for his or her work and, in some cases, is listed as a co-author of the resulting paper.
  • Duration (project, semester, year) is dependent upon faculty needs.
  • An application is required. For more details, please contact the Assistant Dean of Honors Opportunities.