Honors Thesis Program

The Honors Thesis Program (HTP) is a three-course sequence that enables high-ability students to conduct original business research of publishable quality.

The Honors Thesis Program begins in the spring semester of a student’s junior year. During that first term, each participant learns research methodology and identifies and begins to define a specific thesis topic. The outcome of this first semester is a proposal that includes a comprehensive literature review and a road map for a theory-based study. At the conclusion of this junior spring semester, the student presents his or her proposal for approval, delivering an oral presentation right before final exam week and a formal written proposal shortly thereafter.

The thesis program continues in the fall of a student’s senior year. Early in (if not before) this second semester, the student must secure an adviser. During this second semester, each student learns more about research, refines his or her specific proposal, and, if pursuing an empirical study, gathers relevant data and begins to analyze it.

The third and final term, the spring of a student’s senior year, includes final data analysis, writing a first draft, and editing that draft—under the adviser’s and Honors Thesis Program director’s supervision—into the final draft of the thesis. All students who complete an honors thesis earn a medal at Awards Night during the week before graduation. The thesis voted best each year earns a special award.

For more information, visit the Honors Program web page.