Dance Major

Admission Requirements and Procedures

Students interested in the Ailey/Fordham B.F.A. program are expected to meet the following general criteria:

  • Superior talent and potential for a performing career as a dance artist, and good technique training in modern dance and classical ballet
  • Evidence of academic ability as described in the Admission chapter of this bulletin

Candidates should complete the following admission procedures:

  • Submit the dance application to the Ailey School by November 1 and the academic application to the Fordham University Office of Admission also by November 1. Applicants should apply for need- and merit-based financial assistance by February 1. Those applicants with questions may contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at or 718-817-4000. 
  • Take the dance audition by invitation in New York or another city in January, February, or March.

While this program does not have a definitive age limit, B.F.A. students are expected to be of an appropriate age to be able to participate fully in all aspects of the program and accomplish the rigorous dance requirements for graduation within the established time frame. Students who wish to transfer into the B.F.A. program must satisfy the dance and academic criteria for advanced standing at both the Ailey School and Fordham University. The program’s four-year length of study may be shortened to three years in the case of very advanced dance students with strong previous undergraduate records.

Students with dance potential who do not meet the B.F.A. admission criteria are encouraged to audition for the Ailey School’s other professional training programs and to reapply to the B.F.A. program.

CIP Code

50.0301 - Dance, General.

You can use the CIP code to learn more about career paths associated with this field of study and, for international students, possible post-graduation visa extensions. Learn more about CIP codes and other information resources.

Please note that each course number describes a course that runs for one semester, either fall or spring.

Academic Courses

Course Title Credits
Core Curriculum 1
ENGL 1102Composition II3
ENGL 2000Texts and Contexts3
THEO 1000Faith and Critical Reason3
PHIL 1000Philosophy of Human Nature3
Understanding Historical Change (HC attribute)3
Social Science (SSCI attribute)
Foreign Language 26 to 8
2 courses in any modern or classical language or one advanced course for advanced language students
Advanced Disciplinary Study (one of the following):3
Philosophical Ethics
Sacred Texts and Traditions (STXT attribute)
Values Seminar (VAL attribute)
Dance Academics
DANC 1720
DANC 1721
Anatomy and Kinesiology I
and Anatomy and Kinesiology II
MUSC 1210
MUSC 1211
Music for Dancers I
and Music for Dancers II
DANC 2001
DANC 2010
World Dance History
and Black Tradition in American Dance
THEA 4301Performance and Art3
Any two liberal arts courses 36 to 8

Specific information about core requirements can be found on the following pages: Composition II; Texts & Contexts; Faith & Critical Reason; Philosophy of Human Nature; Understanding Historical Change; Social Science; Philosophical Ethics; Sacred Texts and Traditions; Values Seminar


More information about the foreign language requirement can be found on the Fordham website. When referencing this page, please note that B.F.A. students must only complete two courses of a foreign language; a single five-credit, 1001-level course of a foreign language also fulfills the requirement.


To view possible liberal arts courses, visit department pages.

Dance Technique and Creative Courses

In their first year, all students are required to take ballet and either Horton or modern daily. Thereafter, students are required to take ballet, Horton, and modern each semester, reaching the most advanced level in a minimum of two of these three major techniques during the senior year.

All men are required to take a minimum of four semesters of Jumps and Turns and one semester of modern partnering. All women are required to take a minimum of four semesters of pointe, and one semester of modern partnering. 

Course Title Credits
Major Dance Techniques
DANC 1501
DANC 1502
Ballet I
and Ballet II
DANC 2510
DANC 2511
Ballet III
and Ballet IV
DANC 3501
DANC 3502
Ballet V
and Ballet VI
DANC 4510
DANC 4511
Ballet VII
and Ballet VIII
DANC 1601
DANC 1602
Horton I
and Horton II
DANC 2610
DANC 2611
Horton III
and Horton IV
DANC 3601
DANC 3602
Horton V
and Horton VI
DANC 4610
DANC 4611
Horton VII
and Horton VIII
DANC 1701
DANC 1702
Modern I
and Modern II
DANC 2710
DANC 2711
Modern III
and Modern IV
DANC 3701
DANC 3702
Modern V
and Modern VI
Pointe or Jumps and Turns
DANC 2530Pointe I0
or DANC 1520 Jumps and Turns I
DANC 2531Pointe II0
or DANC 1521 Jumps and Turns II
DANC 2535Pointe III0
or DANC 2520 Jumps and Turns III
DANC 2536Pointe IV0
or DANC 2521 Jumps and Turns IV
One of the following courses:1
Modern Partnering I
Improvisation II (effective Spring 2021)
New Directions Choreography Lab (effective Spring 2021)
Other Dance Techniques
DANC 2420
DANC 2425
Jazz I
and Jazz II
DANC 2430West African Dance2
Somatic Courses
Select one of the following:2
Body Conditioning I
Body Conditioning II
Barre a Terre I
Barre a Terre II
Yoga I
Yoga II
Gyrokinesis I
Gyrokinesis II
Creative Courses
DANC 1910Improvisation1
DANC 1920
DANC 1921
Dance Composition I
and Dance Composition II
DANC 2021
DANC 2022
Dance Composition III
and Dance Composition IV
DANC 3410
DANC 3411
Repertory Workshops I
and Repertory Workshops II
DANC 4810
DANC 4811
Senior Project in Performance
and Senior Project in Performance
DANC 4001Senior Seminar3
DANC 4040Dance Methodology2


The major in dance is available at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC).

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Term 1Credits
DANC 1501 Ballet I 3
DANC 1601 Horton I 3
DANC 1630 Barre a Terre I 2
DANC 1910 Improvisation 1
DANC 2530 Pointe I 0
DANC 1720 Anatomy and Kinesiology I 3
ENGL 1102 Composition II 3
HIST 1100 Understanding Historical Change: American History 3
Term 2
DANC 1502 Ballet II 3
DANC 1602 Horton II 3
DANC 2430 West African Dance 2
DANC 2531 Pointe II 0
DANC 1721 Anatomy and Kinesiology II 3
ENGL 2000 Texts and Contexts 3
SOCI 1025 Sociology of American Culture (Social Science Core) 3
Year 2
Term 1
DANC 2510 Ballet III 3
DANC 2610 Horton III 2
DANC 1701 Modern I 2
DANC 2535 Pointe III 0
DANC 2420 Jazz I 2
DANC 3540 Ballet Partnering I 1
DANC 2021 Dance Composition III 2
MUSC 1210 Music for Dancers I 3
THEO 1000 Faith and Critical Reason 3
Term 2
DANC 2511 Ballet IV 3
DANC 2611 Horton IV 2
DANC 1702 Modern II 3
DANC 2536 Pointe IV 0
DANC 2425 Jazz II 2
DANC 1921 Dance Composition II 2
MUSC 1211 Music for Dancers II 3
PHIL 1000 Philosophy of Human Nature 3
AFAM 1650 Black Popular Culture (Liberal Arts Elective) 4
Year 3
Term 1
DANC 3501 Ballet V 3
DANC 3601 Horton V 2
DANC 2710 Modern III 2
DANC 3410 Repertory Workshops I 2
DANC 2021 Dance Composition III 2
DANC 2001 World Dance History 3
SPAN 1001 Introduction to Spanish I (Foreign Language Core; equivalent to two courses) 5
Term 2
DANC 3502 Ballet VI 3
DANC 3602 Horton VI 2
DANC 2711 Modern IV 2
DANC 3411 Repertory Workshops II 2
DANC 2022 Dance Composition IV 2
DANC 3740 Modern Partnering I 1
DANC 2010 Black Tradition in American Dance 3
THEA 4301 Performance and Art 3
PHIL 3000 Philosophical Ethics (Advanced Disciplinary Study) 3
Year 4
Term 1
DANC 4510 Ballet VII 3
DANC 4610 Horton VII 2
DANC 3701 Modern V 2
DANC 2650 Dunham Technique 2
DANC 4810 Senior Project in Performance 3
DANC 4001 Senior Seminar 3
DANC 4040 Dance Methodology 2
DANC 4000 Art and Ethics (Senior Values Seminar) 4
Term 2
DANC 4511 Ballet VIII 3
DANC 4611 Horton VIII 2
DANC 3702 Modern VI 2
DANC 4030 Limon Technique 2
DANC 3499 Independent Study Choreography 2
DANC 4811 Senior Project in Performance 3
VART 1135 Visual Thinking (Liberal Arts Elective) 3
 Total Credits153