Advanced Disciplinary Study

Philosophical Ethics

One Required Course

This course involves philosophical reflection on the major normative ethical theories underlying moral decision making in our everyday lives. The principal focus of the course is a systematic introduction to the main normative ethical theories, i.e., eudaimonism, natural law ethics, deontological ethics, utilitarianism, virtue ethics, and feminism. The differences among these approaches are illuminated by studying various moral issues. In each section of the course, at least half the readings will be selected from Aristotle and Kant. Each section will include writings by at least one contemporary figure.

Course Title Credits
PHIL 3000Philosophical Ethics3

Sacred Texts and Traditions

One Required Course

The second theology course, selected from a group of offerings called Sacred Texts and Traditions, builds on the foundation of critical reasoning about traditions in the first theology course through analytical study of one religious textual tradition. The sections of this course will offer students a variety of texts from which to choose. All sections will draw on the disciplines of history, literary analysis, and theology, interpreting religious traditions and texts as both historically embedded and always evolving responses to the experience of the transcendent in human life.

The following courses have the STXT (Sacred Texts and Traditions) attribute:

Course Title Credits
HPLC 2811Honors Sacred Texts3
HPRH 1052Medieval Philosophy and Theology3
THEO 3100Introduction to Old Testament3
THEO 3102Book of Genesis4
THEO 3105The Torah3
THEO 3120The Prophets3
THEO 3200Introduction to New Testament3
THEO 3207The First Three Gospels3
THEO 3212Gospel of John3
THEO 3250Jesus in History and Faith3
THEO 3310Early Christian Writings3
THEO 3314St. Augustine of Hippo3
THEO 3316Byzantine Christianity3
THEO 3320Augustine, Aquinas, and Luther3
THEO 3330Medieval Theology Texts3
THEO 3332Christians, Muslims, Jews in the Medieval Period3
THEO 3340Christian Mystical Texts3
THEO 3345The Book of Revelation3
THEO 3350Apocalyptic Literature: Ancient & Modern3
THEO 3360Reformation Texts3
THEO 3361Protestant Texts3
THEO 3371The American Transcendentalists: Spirituality Without Religion3
THEO 3375American Religious Texts and Traditions3
THEO 3376Spirituals, the Blues, and African-American Christianity3
THEO 3380US Latinx Spiritualities3
THEO 3390Church in Controversy3
THEO 3542Catholic Social Teaching3
THEO 3546The Bible and Social Justice3
THEO 3610Christ in World Cultures3
THEO 3611Scripture and the Struggle for Racial Justice3
THEO 3620Great Christian Hymns3
THEO 3655The Journey of Faith: Autobiography as Sacred Text3
THEO 3711Sacred Texts of the Middle East3
THEO 3713Classic Jewish Texts3
THEO 3715Classic Islamic Texts3
THEO 3720Hindu Literature and Ethics3
THEO 3724Classic Buddhist Texts3
THEO 3725Buddhism in America: A Multimedia Investigation3
THEO 3728Buddhist Meditation3
THEO 3731Japanese Religions: Texts and Arts3
THEO 3733Chinese Religions3
THEO 3785Spiritual Exercises and Culture3
THEO 3882Comparative Mysticism3
THEO 3884Sufism: Islam's Mystical Tradition3

Advanced Disciplinary Courses

Two Required Courses

Following the introductory literature, history, and social science courses, these courses will enable the student to achieve a sharper focus and more detailed knowledge of complex literary, historical, and social methods, materials, interactions, and processes. To fulfill the requirement, two advanced disciplinary courses will be chosen from two different disciplines:

  • an advanced literature course and an advanced history course; or
  • an advanced history course and an advanced social science course; or
  • an advanced social science course and an advanced literature course.

They will be taken before or simultaneously with the capstone requirements.

Advanced Literature Core Courses

The following courses have the ALC (advanced literature core) attribute:

Course Title Credits
AFAM 3693Contemporary African Literatures4
AMCS 3320The Writing Irish4
AMCS 3333American Catholic Fictions4
AMCS 3535Building the Ideal City: Ethics and Economics Foundations of Realizable Utopias4
ARAB 2400Approaches to Arabic Culture4
ARAB 3000Topics in Arabic Cultures4
ARAB 3010Human Rights in Arabic Literature4
ARAB 3040Topics in Arabic Literature4
CLAS 3040Law and Society in Greece and Rome4
COLI 3102Notre Dame de Paris: The Cathedral in Art, Literature, Culture, & History4
COLI 3122The Eternal Feminine in Literature and Film4
COLI 3135Irish and British High Medieval Literature: Connections and Comparisons4
COLI 3137World Cinema Masterpieces4
COLI 3143World Cinema Masterpieces 1960-19804
COLI 3145Medieval Love in Comparison: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Perspectives4
COLI 3146Science and Magic in Medieval Literature4
COLI 3200Machiavelli's Utopia4
COLI 3202Ariosto to Galileo: The Invention of Modernity in Renaissance Italy4
COLI 3364Novels of Ideas: 19th Century4
COLI 3365Novels of Ideas: High Modernism4
COLI 3400Modern Jewish Writing4
COLI 3407Foreignness & Translation: Multilingual Autobio Writing in Contemp Latin-Am & Latino Lit4
COLI 3466Discovering French Cinema4
COLI 3476Conflict and Violence in Francophone African Cinemas4
COLI 3480Francophone Caribbean Literature4
COLI 3535Building the Ideal City: Ethics and Economics Foundations of Realizable Utopias4
COLI 3575Painting the Empire: Understanding the Spanish Empire Through Art and Literature4
COLI 3624Music and Nation in the Arab World4
COLI 3802Literature and Imperialism4
ENGL 3001Queer Theories4
ENGL 3002Queer Iconoclasts: Sexuality, Religion, Race4
ENGL 3009Critical Edge: Writing About the Arts4
ENGL 3012Novel, She Wrote4
ENGL 3021The Graphic Novel4
ENGL 3024Poetry and Citizenship4
ENGL 3031Medieval Monsters4
ENGL 3035Age of Innocence4
ENGL 3036Latin American Short Story4
ENGL 3059Creating Dangerously: Writing Across Conflict Zones4
ENGL 3067Contemporary Women Poets4
ENGL 3100Medieval Literature4
ENGL 3101Apocalyptic Representation Before 18004
ENGL 3102Medieval Drama4
ENGL 3107Chaucer4
ENGL 3109Arthurian Literature4
ENGL 3111Medieval Romance4
ENGL 3114The (Medieval) Walking Dead4
ENGL 3115Medieval Women Writers4
ENGL 3125Beowulf in Old English4
ENGL 3127Dreams in Middle Ages4
ENGL 3134Love in the Middle Ages4
ENGL 3135Irish and British High Medieval Literature: Connections and Comparisons4
ENGL 3137World Cinema Masterpieces4
ENGL 3138Late Modernism4
ENGL 3140Myth of the Hero: Medieval Memory4
ENGL 3143World Cinema Masterpieces 1960-19804
ENGL 3144Other Worlds4
ENGL 3145Medieval Love in Comparison: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Perspectives4
ENGL 3146Science and Magic in Medieval Literature4
ENGL 3147Supernatural Stories4
ENGL 3151Metaphysical Poets: Radicals and the Poetic Tradition4
ENGL 3206Shakespeare4
ENGL 3207Milton4
ENGL 3226Stage Vengeance4
ENGL 3230Early Renaissance Poetry4
ENGL 3234A Midsummer Night's Dream4
ENGL 3239The Rise of the Novel4
ENGL 3306Jonathan Swift and the Art of Satire4
ENGL 3311Opening Heads: Writing About Minds and Brains Before 18004
ENGL 3318Early Women Novelists4
ENGL 3319Plays and Players: 1600-17004
ENGL 3329Plays and Players, 1700-18004
ENGL 3333Captives, Cannibals, and Rebels4
ENGL 3336Early American Novel4
ENGL 3341Love and Sex in Early Modern Literature4
ENGL 3342Women, Crime, & Punishment in Literature4
ENGL 3356Approaches to Asian American Studies4
ENGL 3359Asian Diasporic Literatures4
ENGL 3361The Female Bildungsroman4
ENGL 3363Crime and Punishment4
ENGL 3364Novels of Ideas: 19th Century4
ENGL 3365Novels of Ideas: High Modernism4
ENGL 3402Victorian Literature4
ENGL 3410Jane Austen in Context4
ENGL 3417Early Victorian Novels4
ENGL 3420Poems of Shakespeare and Others4
ENGL 3424Romantics and Their World4
ENGL 3425Nathaniel Hawthorne4
ENGL 343419th Century British Women's Tales4
ENGL 3436American Dream in Literature4
ENGL 3437Victorian Novel4
ENGL 3438American Modernism4
ENGL 3439Oddity and Creativity4
ENGL 3462Romanticism and Private Life4
ENGL 3467Disobedience in Literature4
ENGL 3504Virginia Woolf4
ENGL 3512British and American Poetry: Romantic to Modern4
ENGL 3518The City in Literature4
ENGL 3519The Novel4
ENGL 3520How Fiction Works4
ENGL 3535Modern Poetry4
ENGL 3537Satire, Sex, Style: The Age of Thomas Nashe4
ENGL 3603American Renaissance4
ENGL 3604American Literature to 18704
ENGL 3606On the Road4
ENGL 3611Modern American Autobiography4
ENGL 3613Modern American Novels4
ENGL 3620Ordinariness4
ENGL 3624Melville4
ENGL 3625Early American Literature4
ENGL 3630Black American Icons4
ENGL 3633The Enlightened Earth: American Lit and Culture After 19454
ENGL 3636Introduction to African American Literature4
ENGL 3646Black Disability Studies4
ENGL 3650Stayin' Alive: Performing Blackness and Whiteness in 1970s US Film and Literature4
ENGL 3651The Hunger Games and Survival Literature4
ENGL 3652New Wave Immigrant Literature4
ENGL 3653Major American Authors4
ENGL 3664Queer Latinx Literature4
ENGL 3673Postmodern Literature and Culture4
ENGL 3677Latino/a US Literatures4
ENGL 3683Literature Beyond Borders4
ENGL 3691Black Atlantic Literature: Imagining Freedom4
ENGL 3695Black Protest, Black Resistance, Black Freedom, Black Rage4
ENGL 3701American Writers in Paris4
ENGL 3802Literature and Imperialism4
ENGL 3837From Page to Screen4
ENGL 3841Contemporary Fiction4
ENGL 3842The Short Story4
ENGL 3851Horror and Madness in Fiction and Film4
ENGL 3917Unreal City: Modernist London, 1900-19504
ENGL 4010American Crime Stories4
ENGL 4018The Poet's Choice4
ENGL 4106Seminar: The Great Depression: Literature and Culture4
ENGL 4107Seminar: Ecology on the Edge: Climate Change and Literature4
ENGL 4116Seminar: The Beat Generation and U.S. Culture4
ENGL 4117Seminar: Modern Geographies4
ENGL 4127Seminar: Novels By Women: Jane Austen to Toni Morrison4
ENGL 4236Seminar: Latin American Short Story4
ENGL 4318Seminar: Early Women Novelists4
ENGL 4401Seminar: The Brontës in Context4
ENGL 4425Seminar: Nathaniel Hawthorne4
FREN 2600France: Literature, History, and Civilization4
FREN 3005French Business Culture4
FREN 3030What Is Writing? The Inscription of Culture From Page to Screen4
FREN 3100Medieval French Literature4
FREN 3101Word and Image in Medieval France4
FREN 3102Notre Dame de Paris: The Cathedral in Art, Literature, Culture, & History4
FREN 3125Mapping the Nation4
FREN 3130Culture and Science in France4
FREN 3140Changing Climate, Changing Culture4
FREN 3175French Renaissances4
FREN 3225Hollywood's Holy Grail: Medieval French Literature on the Screen4
FREN 3253Moliere: From Page to Stage4
FREN 3275Documentary and Storytelling in the Francophone World4
FREN 3280French Documentary in Action4
FREN 3290Early Authors Modern Theory4
FREN 3300The Enlightenment4
FREN 3333Tableaux: Art and Theater: 1700s4
FREN 3340Neo-Classical French Women Writers4
FREN 3350Thinkers and Moralists4
FREN 3360French Autobiography4
FREN 3440The Forbidden Reading of Flaubert's Madame Bovary4
FREN 3450Writers and Lawbreakers4
FREN 3453The Flaneur in Paris4
FREN 3460Postcolonial Representations4
FREN 3464French Films D'auteur4
FREN 3465Women on the Margins4
FREN 3466Discovering French Cinema4
FREN 3470Francophone North Africa4
FREN 3471Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa4
FREN 3476Conflict and Violence in Francophone African Cinemas4
FREN 3478The Essay Film4
FREN 3479The New Wave Arrives4
FREN 3480Francophone Caribbean Literature4
FREN 3490Africa: Society and Culture Through Film4
FREN 3492Climate Change and Sustainable Development in the Francophone World4
FREN 3500French Literary Theory4
FREN 3550In Search of Lost Time: Modernity, Temporality, and the Self in 20th Century French Literature4
FREN 3555Man: Beast or Machine4
FREN 3564French Theatre and Performance (Taught in French)4
FREN 3565French Contemporary Novel4
FREN 3605Cultural and Literary History of Journalism4
FREN 3630Francophone Voices From North Africa4
FREN 3631North African France4
FREN 3637Francophone Middle East4
FREN 3640Postcolonial Representation4
FREN 3675America! French and Francophone Perspectives4
GERM 2800German Short Stories4
GERM 3010Frisch Aus Der Presse: Media and Communication4
GERM 3050The Sound of Music: German Music and Musical Genres4
GERM 3051Survey of Literature I4
GERM 3052Survey of Literature II4
GERM 3057Medieval German Literature: Potions, Passions, Players, and Prayers4
GERM 3275Grim Tales and Grimms' Tales4
GERM 3302German Through the Senses4
GERM 3303Borders and Crossings4
GERM 3307Germany and Migration4
GERM 3310Deep in the Forest: The Pagan-Christian Enchantment of the Fairy Tale4
GERM 3566Deutschland 1968: Protest, Hippies, Und Terroristen (Taught in German)4
GREK 3008Herodotus4
GREK 3012Plato: Socratic Dialogues4
GREK 3034Readings in Homer4
GREK 3200Readings in Greek4
HIST 3474The Arab Israeli Conflict: Cultural Perspectives4
HIST 3998People and Other Animals in History4
ITAL 2500Approaches to Literature4
ITAL 2561Reading Culture Through Literature4
ITAL 2700Filming the City Inside and Out: A Cinematic Journey Through Italy4
ITAL 2705The Souths of Italy: Words, Images, and Sounds4
ITAL 2800Italy and the Arts: Politics, Religion, and Imagination in Medieval and Renaissance Italy4
ITAL 2910Emigration in Literature and Film 1850-Present4
ITAL 3002The Art of Translation4
ITAL 3005Translation: Theory and Practice4
ITAL 3010Politics and Poetry in the Middle Ages: The Rise of Vernacular Culture in the Mediterranean4
ITAL 3011Dante and His Age4
ITAL 3012Medieval Storytelling4
ITAL 3020Renaissance and Baroque Novella4
ITAL 3021Vice and Virtue in Medieval Italian Literature4
ITAL 3050Arts and Politics in Italian Humanism4
ITAL 3051Survey of Literature4
ITAL 3062Ethics and Economic Value in Medieval Literature4
ITAL 3063Saturian Spirits: Art and Literature in Italy4
ITAL 3065Lies and Liars in Medieval and Renaissance Italian Literature4
ITAL 3111New Italian Cinema4
ITAL 3120Renaissance Literature4
ITAL 3125Magnificence and Power: The Medici and Renaissance Florence4
ITAL 3215Love and Honor in the Renaissance Courts4
ITAL 3280The Italian Short Story4
ITAL 3452Italophone Migrant Literature From Africa and Beyond4
ITAL 3500Comedy and Satire in Italian Cinema4
ITAL 3530The Stage and Society Since 17004
ITAL 3550Italian Unification: Film/Literature4
ITAL 3553Italy From Unification to 1945: Literature, Culture, and Society of the Modern Period4
ITAL 3625The Modern Italian Theater4
ITAL 3650Italy at War4
ITAL 3701Italian Women Writers4
ITAL 3901Narrative and Film4
ITAL 3910Italy Today4
ITAL 3920Words on Fire: Poetry/Soc. Today4
ITAL 6005Translation: Theory and Practice4
JWST 3300Literatures and Cultures of Modern Israel4
JWST 3474The Arab Israeli Conflict: Cultural Perspectives4
LALS 3005Latin American Themes4
LALS 3275Hybrid Futures: A Panorama of Mexican Short Fiction4
LALS 3407Foreignness & Translation: Multilingual Autobio Writing in Contemp Latin-Am & Latino Lit4
LALS 3575Painting the Empire: Understanding the Spanish Empire Through Art and Literature4
LALS 4005Queer Theory and the Americas4
LATN 3009Horace: Odes4
LATN 3039Suetonius4
LATN 3041Ovid4
LATN 3051Cicero's "De Oratore"4
LATN 3060Readings in Vergil4
LATN 3061Christian Latin4
LATN 3300Advanced Latin4
LATN 3332Seneca's Letters4
LATN 3456Imperial Latin Biography4
MAND 2500Approaches to Literature4
MAND 3002Topics in Chinese Culture4
MAND 3020Learn Chinese Through Film4
MAND 3030Masterpieces of Chinese Film: Theory and Texts4
MAND 3040Topics in Mandarin Chinese Literature4
MAND 3050China in the Headlines: An Advanced Newspaper Reading Course in Mandarin Chinese4
MAND 3055China and Globalization4
MLAL 3000Gender and Sexuality Studies4
MLAL 3010Politics and Poetry in the Middle Ages: The Rise of Vernacular Culture in the Mediterranean4
MLAL 3030Masterpieces of Chinese Film: Theory and Texts4
MLAL 3043Modern Chinese Literature4
MLAL 3045Women in Chinese Literature and Society4
MLAL 3047Chinese Culture: Traditions and Transformation4
MLAL 3057Medieval German Literature: Potions, Passions, Players, and Prayers4
MLAL 3060Magic and Reality in Russian Literature4
MLAL 3070Russian Visions: The Interplay Between Russian Literature and Art in Mid-19th/Early 20th Century4
MLAL 3080Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and the Meaning of Life and Death4
MLAL 3090100 Years of War and Peace. Revolution in Russia and Soviet Literature: Tolstoy, Bulgakov and Bely4
MLAL 3095The Apocalypse Course: Russian and American Revelations4
MLAL 3200Machiavelli's Utopia4
MLAL 3202Ariosto to Galileo: The Invention of Modernity in Renaissance Italy4
MLAL 3203Dante and His Translators4
MLAL 3210Islam and Italy4
MLAL 3250Culture and Society in Italian Cinema4
MLAL 3300Literatures and Cultures of Modern Israel4
MLAL 3307Germany and Migration4
MLAL 3325 ‘The Gatekeepers?’ Documentary Cinema in Israel4
MLAL 3350Promised Land: Israeli Culture Between Utopia and Dystopia4
MLAL 3402Introduction to Russian Drama4
MLAL 3405Masterpieces of Russian Film4
MLAL 3410Arab Cinema: History and Cultural Identity4
MLAL 3440Arabic Literature in English Translation4
MLAL 3442Arabic Culture and the News Media4
MLAL 3450The Arab Spring in Arabic Literature4
MLAL 3474The Arab Israeli Conflict: Cultural Perspectives4
MLAL 3475Oppositional Thought in Islamic Literature4
MLAL 3500Writing Under German Censorship: A Culture of Banned Books4
MLAL 3504Study Tour: Berlin Tales: Germany's Kiez4
MLAL 3515Food for Thought4
MLAL 3535Building the Ideal City: Ethics and Economics Foundations of Realizable Utopias4
MLAL 3600Women's Voices in German and Austrian Literature4
MLAL 3624Music and Nation in the Arab World4
MLAL 3701Villains, Vamps and Vampires: An Introduction to German Cinema4
MLAL 3710Fin-De Siecle Vienna: Klimt, Cafes, and Cemeteries4
MLAL 3800Cloisters, Castles, and Kings: Medieval Bavaria4
MLAL 3820Memory and Identity in Modern Italy4
MLAL 3822The Arabian Nights4
MLAL 3993Advanced Spanish Immersion in Granada3
MVST 3057Medieval German Literature: Potions, Passions, Players, and Prayers4
MVST 3535Building the Ideal City: Ethics and Economics Foundations of Realizable Utopias4
MVST 3800Cloisters, Castles, and Kings: Medieval Bavaria4
RUSS 2650Media and the Russian State: News Outlets From 19th Century to Present Day Russia4
RUSS 3002Genres and Styles Russian Literature4
RUSS 3250Translating Russian Poetry, Music, Animation, Film, and Journalism4
SPAN 2500Approaches to Literature4
SPAN 2700Hispanic Legends4
SPAN 3001Spain: Literature and Culture Survey4
SPAN 3002Latin America: Literature and Culture Survey4
SPAN 3005Themes in Latina/o and Latin American Studies4
SPAN 3066Survey of Latin American Film4
SPAN 3166Trends in Latin American Film4
SPAN 3210Transatlantic Picaresque4
SPAN 3230Sinful Business4
SPAN 3250God, Gold, and Glory4
SPAN 3275Hybrid Futures: A Panorama of Mexican Short Fiction4
SPAN 3285Trends in Mexican Cinema4
SPAN 3301Federico Garcia Lorca and His World4
SPAN 3305Posthuman Mestizaje and the Non-Human Turn in Mexican Culture4
SPAN 3407Foreignness & Translation: Multilingual Autobio Writing in Contemp Latin-Am & Latino Lit (1980-2015)4
SPAN 3530Excess in Spanish Lit4
SPAN 3535Unus Mundus: Deconstructing 'Time' Through Spanish Literature4
SPAN 3540Spain and Islam4
SPAN 3550Expressing the Colonies4
SPAN 3560Reimagining the Colonies4
SPAN 3561Representing the Gypsy4
SPAN 3575Painting the Empire: Understanding the Spanish Empire Through Art and Literature4
SPAN 3582New York in Latinx Literature and Film4
SPAN 3610Children's Gaze in Latin American Literature4
SPAN 3625Spanish-American Short Fiction4
SPAN 3642Spanish-American Literature and Popular Music4
SPAN 3701Spanish-American Women Writers4
SPAN 3710Contemporary Latin American Fiction4
SPAN 3712Literatures of the Latin American Boom and Post-Boom4
SPAN 3715Latin American Cyberliterature4
SPAN 3730Writing Violence: Peru, 1980-20004
SPAN 3770Cultures of Memory and Post-Memory in Contemporary Chile4
SPAN 3800The Spanish Diaspora4
SPAN 3809Argentine Literature and Film4
SPAN 3820Hispanic Caribbean Literature4
SPAN 3850Narrating the City4
SPAN 3908Francoist Spain4
SPAN 3950The Fantastic in Spanish Literature and Film4
SPAN 3993Advanced Spanish Immersion in Granada3
SPAN 4001Cervantes and Don Quixote4
THEA 3001Theatre History I: Mythos4
THEA 3002Theatre History II: Modernity4
THEA 3003Theatre History III: Postmodernism and the Present4
THEA 3253Moliere: From Page to Stage4
THEA 3564French Theatre and Performance4
WGSS 3067Contemporary Women Poets4
WGSS 3318Early Women Novelists4
WGSS 3537Satire, Sex, Style: Age of T. Nash4
WGSS 3931Introduction to Gay and Lesbian Literature4
WGSS 4005Queer Theory and the Americas4
WGSS 4127Seminar: Novels By Women: Jane Austen to Toni Morrison4
WGSS 4318Seminar: Early Women Novelists4

Advanced History Core Courses

The following courses have the AHC (Advanced History Core) attribute:

Course Title Credits
AFAM 3001African American History I4
AFAM 3002African American History II4
AFAM 3134From Rock-N-Roll to Hip-Hop4
AFAM 3148History of South Africa4
AFAM 3154Black, White, and Catholic: Race, Religion, and Civil Rights4
AFAM 3190Mapping Southern Africa4
AFAM 3192The United States, Africa, and the Cold War4
AFAM 3633The Bronx: Immigration, Race, and Culture4
AFAM 3939History of Global Popular Music: From Africa to the Americas and Back4
CLAS 3030Athenian Democracy4
CLAS 3031The Spartan Mirage4
CLAS 3050Pagans and Christians4
GREK 3008Herodotus4
HIST 3001African American History I4
HIST 3002African American History II4
HIST 3012Medieval France4
HIST 3014Medieval Feud, Ordeal, and Law4
HIST 3018Medieval Nobility: Love, War, and Devotion4
HIST 3100History of the Arts at Lincoln Center: Urban Renewal and the Arts4
HIST 3110History of Gay and Lesbian New York City4
HIST 3139Buffalo Soldiers: Race and War4
HIST 3145Medieval Barbarians4
HIST 3205Medieval Medicine4
HIST 3207Late Medieval Religion and Society4
HIST 3208The Medieval Other4
HIST 3210King, Court, Crusade: Writing Knightly Life in the High Middle Ages4
HIST 3211Medieval Sin, Sinners, and Outcasts4
HIST 3212The History of Medieval Christianity4
HIST 3213Dragons, Fairies, and the Undead: Stranger Things in Medieval Europe4
HIST 3214Plagues and Peoples: Health and Disease in Medieval Europe4
HIST 3215Middle Ages and West4
HIST 3220Medieval Hollywood4
HIST 3259Transgender History4
HIST 3260Medieval Ireland to 16914
HIST 3270The Crusades4
HIST 3301Women in the Middle Ages4
HIST 3305Medieval Warfare4
HIST 3322The Reformation Era4
HIST 3356Confessionalization and Conflict in Early Modern Europe, 1453-88854
HIST 3362Crime and Punishment in Europe4
HIST 3411Tudor and Stuart England4
HIST 3412The Tudors4
HIST 3413Reformation England4
HIST 3414Cabbages and Kings4
HIST 3415European Women: 1500-18004
HIST 3416European Women: 1800-Present4
HIST 3420The English Renaissance4
HIST 3425Henry VIII's England4
HIST 3430The World of Queen Elizabeth I4
HIST 345520th Century Ireland4
HIST 3456Britain: 1688-18674
HIST 3457Britain: 1867-Present4
HIST 3459Transgender History4
HIST 3460Diversity and Globalization at the Irish-Atlantic Crossroads4
HIST 3474The Arab Israeli Conflict: Cultural Perspectives4
HIST 3480Judaism and Islam4
HIST 3503Modern France: 1900 to Present4
HIST 3513Old Regime and French Revolution4
HIST 3515Media History: 1400 to Present4
HIST 3517The Belle Epoche4
HIST 3538The Good Earth?4
HIST 3541Modern Italy4
HIST 3543The Connecting Sea: The Mediterranean Since 18004
HIST 3545Race and Nation in Modern Europe4
HIST 3549Global Italy4
HIST 3555Hitler's Germany4
HIST 3558Europe: 1900-1945: Total War4
HIST 3559Europe Since 19454
HIST 3564Environmental History of New York City: A Research Seminar4
HIST 3565History of New York4
HIST 3566War and Imperialism4
HIST 3575Torture, Terror, and the Body in the Modern World4
HIST 3580War, Gender, and Violence in Modern Europe4
HIST 362020th Century Europe4
HIST 3622Great Trials4
HIST 3623Screening Europe's Past4
HIST 3624European Cities4
HIST 3626Social History of Architecture4
HIST 3627History of LGBT Movements4
HIST 3634Modern South Asian History4
HIST 3635Science in Popular Culture4
HIST 3638Technology From Antiquity to Middle Ages4
HIST 3653Gender in Early America4
HIST 3656The American Revolution4
HIST 3657American Constitution4
HIST 3670The Modern Middle East4
HIST 3675History of Modern Israel4
HIST 3700Sickness and Health in Early Ma4
HIST 3745Colonial America 1492-17654
HIST 3752Coming of the Civil War4
HIST 3753Civil War Era: 1861-18774
HIST 3758America at War4
HIST 3759African American Women's Activism, 1815–19154
HIST 3773American Capitalism4
HIST 3774History of Capitalism in the U.S.4
HIST 3775The Early Republic4
HIST 3780The Era of the Civil War4
HIST 3789Modern South Africa Stories4
HIST 3795U.S. Between Wars: 1919-19414
HIST 3806U.S. Immigration/Ethnicity4
HIST 3807Jazz Age to Hard Times4
HIST 3809Jews in the Modern World4
HIST 3810Jews in America4
HIST 3815East European Jewish History4
HIST 3822U.S. Cultural History4
HIST 3826Modern US Women's History4
HIST 3830History of American Women and Gender4
HIST 3833Screening America's Past4
HIST 3834Gender, Race, and American Mass Media4
HIST 3838History of U.S. Sexuality4
HIST 3842The Vietnam Wars4
HIST 3844U.S. Foreign Relations in the 19th Century4
HIST 3845The History of U.S. Foreign Relations, 1898 to the Present4
HIST 3846The History of U.S. Foreign Relations, 1974 to Present4
HIST 385220th Century U.S. Radicalism4
HIST 3857America Since 19454
HIST 3858The Global Cold War4
HIST 3862History of New York City4
HIST 3864New Frontiers-1960's America4
HIST 3865Ethics and Capitalism4
HIST 3866History of Comics and Superheroes4
HIST 3867United States History Through Television4
HIST 3880History of the Cold War4
HIST 3911U.S. and East Asia4
HIST 3915Contemporary China4
HIST 3918Cultural Revolution: China in Context4
HIST 3919Christianity in China4
HIST 3920Modern Japan4
HIST 3922East Asian Cities4
HIST 3924East Asian Capitalisms4
HIST 3925The Holocaust4
HIST 3931Colonialism and South Asia4
HIST 3939History of Global Popular Music: From Africa to the Americas and Back4
HIST 3942Race, Sex, and Colonialism4
HIST 3944Africa in the Age of Decolonization4
HIST 3945Africa, Race, and the Global Cold War4
HIST 3950Latino History4
HIST 3955Slavery Freedom/Atlantic World4
HIST 3961Rebellion and Revolution in Latin America and the Atlantic World4
HIST 3965Colonial Latin America4
HIST 3968Mexico4
HIST 3969Latin America and the U.S.4
HIST 3972Revolution in Central America4
HIST 3974Spaniards and Incas4
HIST 3975The Caribbean4
HIST 3977Latin American History Through Film4
HIST 3982The Islamic World and the Crusades, 1099-Ca.17004
HIST 3983Apocalypticism and Messianism in Islamic Thought and History4
HIST 3985Ottoman Empire/ 1300-18004
HIST 3986Religion and Politics in Islamic History4
HIST 3990North American Environmental History4
HIST 3991The American Indian4
HIST 3992Capitalism4
HIST 3993Environmental History: New York City4
HIST 3994Climate and Society4
HIST 3998People and Other Animals in History4
HIST 3999Tutorial3-4
HIST 4010Genocide4
HIST 4120Imagining Empire4
HIST 4307Senior Seminar: The Making of the British Isles 1450-16604
HIST 4308Antisemitism4
HIST 4557Seminar: The Third Reich4
HIST 4558Seminar: Modern European City4
HIST 4571Seminar: Technology and Society4
HIST 4591Seminar: Race, Sex, and Colonialism4
HIST 4610Seminar: Jewish Society and Culture in Eastern Europe4
HIST 4635Seminar: Screening the Past4
HIST 4657Seminar: New York City History4
HIST 4705Seminar: Disease in the Middle Ages4
HIST 4710Seminar: Early Modern British Empire4
HIST 4715Oil and Power in the American Century4
HIST 4725Seminar: Global Histories and Stories4
HIST 4726Seminar: Questions of Global Capitalism4
HIST 4748Seminar: The Worlds of the Enlightenment4
HIST 4760Seminar: Immigration to the U.S.4
HIST 4767Seminar: Torture and the Western Experience4
HIST 4768Seminar: Gender, Sex and Society in the Early U.S.4
HIST 4771Seminar: In Search of the Founders' Constitution4
HIST 4772Seminar: Colonial Latin America4
HIST 4860Seminar: 1970'S: Revolutionary Decade4
HIST 4900Seminar: Transnational Lives4
HIST 4934Seminar: Soviet Society under Stalin4
HIST 4954Seminar: Law and Empire Iberian Atlantic4
HIST 4999Tutorial1-5
LATN 3015Caesar's Commentaries4
MVST 3210King, Court, and Crusade: Writing Knightly Life in the High Middle Ages4
MVST 3700Medicine, Magic, and Miracles: Sickness and Health in the Early Middle Ages4
WGSS 3415European Women 1500-18004
WGSS 3416European Women 1800-Present4
WGSS 3459Transgender History4
WGSS 3826Modern US Women's History4
WGSS 3930Sex and Gender in South Asia4

Advanced Social Science Core Courses

The following courses have the ASSC (Advanced Social Science Core) attribute:

Course Title Credits
AFAM 3037Being and Becoming Black in the Atlantic World4
AFAM 3110The Black Athlete4
AFAM 3115Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X4
AFAM 3120Black Religion and Black Politics4
AFAM 3132Black Prison Experience4
AFAM 3133Performance African Diaspora4
AFAM 3136Civil Rights/Black Power4
AFAM 3139Buffalo Soldiers: Race and War4
AFAM 3141Women in Africa4
AFAM 3150Caribbean Peoples and Culture4
AFAM 3188Exploring Africa: Encounter, Expedition, and Representation4
AFAM 3634Film and the African American4
AFAM 3692Social Construction of Women4
AMCS 3340Catholicism and Democracy4
AMST 2800American Legal Reasoning4
ANTH 2202Anthropology of Performance4
ANTH 2520Introduction to Forensic Anthropology4
ANTH 2522Old Bones: Death and Dying in the Ancient World4
ANTH 2614Urbanism and Change in the Middle East4
ANTH 2700You Are What You Eat: The Anthropology of Food4
ANTH 2880Human Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective4
ANTH 2885Anthropology of Economics4
ANTH 2886Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality4
ANTH 3110Ancient Cultures of the Bible4
ANTH 3115Introduction to Medical Anthropology4
ANTH 3260Politics of Reproduction4
ANTH 3333Seeing Race: American Visual Culture in Historical Perspective4
ANTH 3339Irish and Mexican Migration: New York Focus4
ANTH 3343Ghettos and Gated Communities4
ANTH 3351Comparative Cultures4
ANTH 3355Culture and Anticolonialism4
ANTH 3356Uprisings: Protest and Resistance Across the Globe4
ANTH 3380Hazards, Disasters, and Human Experience4
ANTH 3393Graffiti: The Challenges and Conundrums of Street Art4
ANTH 3476Latin American Social Movements4
ANTH 3510Museums: Representing / Engaging Culture(s)4
ANTH 3520Forensic Investigation of the Human Skeleton4
ANTH 3570Applied Human Rights1
ANTH 3620Border Cultures in the City: Summer in New York1
ANTH 3726Language, Gender, and Sexuality4
COMC 2111Theories of Human Communication4
COMC 3171Orality and Literacy4
COMC 3172Principles of Advertising4
COMC 3179Crisis and Reputation Management in PR4
COMC 3187Sports Communication in the Field4
COMC 3237Gender Images and Media4
COMC 3247Race, Class, and Gender in Media4
COMC 3268Media and National Identity4
COMC 3350Media Law4
COMC 3370Ethical Issues in Media4
COMC 3374Media Effects4
COMC 3375Children and Media4
COMC 3380International Communication4
COMC 4267Media and Social Awareness4
COMC 4339Communication and Media in the Age of Trump4
DTEM 3447Race, Gender, and Digital Media4
DTEM 3476Social Media4
ECON 3116Macroeconomic Analysis4
ECON 3118Microeconomic Theory4
ECON 3160Game Theory4
ECON 3212Open Economy Macroeconomics4
ECON 3240World Poverty4
ECON 3244International Economic Policy4
ECON 3248Migration and Development: A Social Justice Perspective4
ECON 3346International Trade4
ECON 3453Law and Economics4
ECON 3570Labor Market and Diversity4
ECON 3636Money and Banking4
ECON 3840Environmental-Economic Policy4
ECON 3850Environmental Economics4
ECON 3971Urban Economics4
ECON 5545Microfinance in Emerging Economies3
GERM 3307Germany and Migration4
HIST 3139Buffalo Soldiers: Race and War4
HUST 2001Introduction to Global Health4
INST 3100The Global Environment4
INST 4620The World of Democracy4
JOUR 3760The Journalist and the Law4
LALS 3007Spanish Linguistics4
LING 3007Spanish Linguistics4
LING 3607Topics in Multilingualism4
MLAL 3007Spanish Linguistics4
MLAL 3307Germany and Migration4
MLAL 3607Topics in Multilingualism4
PJST 3110Introduction to Peace and Justice4
PJST 3200Environmental Justice4
POSC 3120New York City Internship4
POSC 3121New York City Politics4
POSC 3131Politics, Urban Health, and Environment4
POSC 3209Constitutional Law4
POSC 3210Civil Rights and Liberties4
POSC 3213Interest Group Politics4
POSC 3214The U.S. Congress4
POSC 3215American Political Parties4
POSC 3217The American Presidency4
POSC 3219Constitutional Law and the Death Penality4
POSC 3220Criminal Law and Justice in the U.S.4
POSC 3223Constitutional Law: Criminal Justice4
POSC 3228Civil Rights4
POSC 3231Judicial Politics4
POSC 3233Youth and the Law4
POSC 3301Campaigns and Elections4
POSC 3307Environmental Politics4
POSC 3309Gender in American Politics4
POSC 3310Racial and Ethnic Politics4
POSC 3311American Social Movements4
POSC 3313Political Psychology4
POSC 3315Political Participation4
POSC 3316Mass Media and American Politics4
POSC 3319Film and Politics4
POSC 3321American Public Policy4
POSC 3326Latino Politics4
POSC 3327Gender and Sexuality in US Politics4
POSC 3404American Political Thought4
POSC 3405Radical and Conservative Thought4
POSC 3411Classical Political Thought4
POSC 3412Modern Political Thought4
POSC 3413Contemporary Political Philosophy4
POSC 3414Politics, Nature, and History4
POSC 3415Politics, Reason, and Revelation4
POSC 3416Liberalism and Its Critics4
POSC 3418Islamic Political Thought4
POSC 3420Women and Film4
POSC 3421Political Theory in Popular Culture4
POSC 3422Politics of the Present4
POSC 3429Democratic Theory4
POSC 3456Late Modern Political Thought4
POSC 3507International Human Rights4
POSC 3511War and Peace4
POSC 3515Revolution4
POSC 3516Conflict Analysis/Resolution4
POSC 3521Global Governance4
POSC 3522United Nations4
POSC 3526Democracy, Terrorism, and Modern Life4
POSC 3527United Nations Peace Operations4
POSC 3530U.S. Foreign Policy4
POSC 3540Politics of Cyberspace4
POSC 3605Comparative Democracy4
POSC 3610Political Economy of Development4
POSC 3613Political Movements4
POSC 3614Political Institutions4
POSC 3616Political Economy of Poverty4
POSC 3621European Politics4
POSC 3622Politics of the European Union4
POSC 3624The Qu'ran and Hadith in the Global Political Perspective4
POSC 3631China and Russia in Comparative Perspective4
POSC 3632China and U.S. in Global Era4
POSC 3635China, Japan, Korea, and the U.S. in the Global Era4
POSC 3641Latin American Politics4
POSC 3645Politics of Immigration4
POSC 3651Comparative Politics of the Middle East4
POSC 3800Internship3
POSC 3915International Political Economy4
POSC 4260The Political History of Sex and Sexuality in the United States4
PSYC 3100Health Psychology4
PSYC 3110Cognitive Neuroscience4
PSYC 3300Industrial Organizational Psychology4
PSYC 3320Consumer Behavior4
PSYC 3330Family Psychology4
PSYC 3600Multicultural Psychology4
PSYC 3610Global Health and Psychology4
PSYC 3640Cross-Cultural-Psychology4
PSYC 3700Human Sexuality4
PSYC 3730Men and Masculinities4
PSYC 3820Forensic Psychology4
PSYC 3850Psychology of Well-Being4
PSYC 3930Introduction to Clinical Psychology4
SOCI 2410Inequality: Class, Race, and Ethnicity4
SOCI 2420Social Problems of Race and Ethnicity4
SOCI 2606Social Science Statistics4
SOCI 2701Introduction to Criminal Justice4
SOCI 2716Social Change4
SOCI 2847The 60s: Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll4
SOCI 2855The Journalist as Sociologist4
SOCI 2925Media, Crime, Sex, and Violence4
SOCI 2960Popular Culture4
SOCI 2965Science Fiction and Social Crisis4
SOCI 3001Ethical Issues in Justice4
SOCI 3017Inequality in America4
SOCI 3054Time, Memory, and Identities4
SOCI 3070The City and Its Neighborhoods4
SOCI 3102Contemporary Social Issues and Policies4
SOCI 3114Sociology of Health and Illness4
SOCI 3120Controversies in Religion and International Relations4
SOCI 3136Inequality-Why/Effects4
SOCI 3142Environmental Sociology4
SOCI 3145Environment Technology Society4
SOCI 3148Population and Economic Development Issues4
SOCI 3152Sociology of Sports4
SOCI 3249For the Death of Me! Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Death and Dying4
SOCI 3260Politics of Reproduction4
SOCI 3401Gender, Crime, and Justice4
SOCI 3405Gender, Race, and Class4
SOCI 3410Migration/Globalization4
SOCI 3415Development and Globalization4
SOCI 3418Contemporary Immigration in Global Perspective4
SOCI 3450Transnational Social Movements4
SOCI 3456Modern American Social Movements4
SOCI 3471Undocumented Migration4
SOCI 3500Contemporary Family Issues4
SOCI 3502Work, Inequality, and Society in 21st Century America4
SOCI 3506Diversity in American Families4
SOCI 3601Urban Poverty4
SOCI 3603Urban America4
SOCI 3606The Global City4
SOCI 3610The Family4
SOCI 3708Law and Society4
SOCI 3711American Criminal Justice4
SOCI 3714Terrorism and Society4
SPAN 3007Spanish Linguistics4
WGSS 3000Gender and Sexuality Studies4
WGSS 3004Transnational Feminisms4
WGSS 3141Women in Africa4