Capstone Courses

Interdisciplinary Capstone in Literature, History, and/or Social Science

One Required Course

For this capstone in the literary, historical and social scientific sequence, courses will use interdisciplinary study to examine the role of disciplines in knowledge formation. Each course will feature at least two disciplines that conceive and study a common topic or problem. The Interdisciplinary courses will be team taught by professors representing contrasting disciplines, or taught by a single individual who has expertise in both disciplines. One discipline featured in each interdisciplinary course must use methods that are literary, historical, or based on a social science, which may include participants from English, history, the social sciences, classics, African and African American studies, modern languages and literature, and interdisciplinary programs. The second or other disciplines in each course must be different from the first, but may be literary, historical, social scientific, or drawn from any other discipline, such as the sciences, fine arts, philosophy or theology.

The following courses have the ICC (Interdisciplinary Capstone Core) attribute:

Course Title Credits
AAST 4150Race and Contemporary Film4
AAST 4600Anger in Asian American Literature and Culture4
AAST 4603Asian American Critique4
AAST 4616Contemporary Issues in Asian America4
AFAM 4105Queer Caribbean and Its Diasporas4
AFAM 4147Food and Globalization4
AFAM 4148Race, Religion, and Politics: Catholic and Civil Rights4
AMCS 4950Christianity and Gender/Sexual Diversity: Interdisciplinary Perspectives4
AMST 4010Approaches to American Studies4
ANTH 4004Art Worlds: Anthropology and Sociology Perspectives4
ANTH 4006Palestinian Culture at Home and in Diaspora4
ANTH 4114Anthropology of Health Healing and Social Justice4
ANTH 4341Race, Sex, and Science4
ANTH 4344Reproductive Technologies: Global Perspective4
ANTH 4373Environment and Human Survival4
ANTH 4490Anthropology of Political Violence4
ANTH 4616Contemporary Issues in Asian America4
ANTH 4722Primate Ecology and Conservation4
ARHI 4250Aztec Art4
ARHI 4435Art of the Tudor Courts4
ARHI 4555Art & Ecology in the 19th, 20th & 21st century4
BISC 4035Ecology and Economics of Food Systems4
CEED 4245Ethics in Research4
CHEM 4251Physical and Computational Models of Biochemical Systems3
CISC 4001Computers and Robots in Film4
CISC 4006Brains and Behavior in Beasts and Bots4
CLAS 4020The Classical Tradition in Contemporary Fiction and Film4
CLAS 4050Ancient Roman Cities4
CLAS 4051Ancient Greece: Classical Study Tour4
CLAS 4545Bath Cultures and Bathing Rituals From Antiquity to Brooklyn4
COLI 4018Cuba: Revolution, Literature and Film4
COLI 4020Literature, Film and Development4
COLI 4021The Classical Tradition in Contemporary Fiction and Film4
COLI 4150Race and Contemporary Film4
COLI 4206Comparative Studies in Revolution4
COLI 4207Comparative Studies in Empire4
COLI 4211Empire and Sexuality4
COLI 4320Reading the Indian Ocean World4
COLI 4600Anger in Asian American Literature and Culture4
COLI 4603Asian American Critique4
COMC 4211Media and Modernity4
COMC 4222Media and the Environment4
COMC 4241Communication, Popular Culture, and Philosophy4
COMC 4246Media, Disability, Futurity4
COMC 4268Media and the Social Construction of Reality4
COMC 4340Freedom of Expression4
COMC 4348Religion, Theology, and New Media4
ECON 4020Disability: Economic and Other Approaches4
ECON 4025Bronx Urban Economic Development4
ECON 4035Ecology and Economics of Food Systems4
ENGL 4005The Medieval Traveler4
ENGL 4015London Modernisms: 1890-1956: Unreal City4
ENGL 4020Adrienne Kennedy: Text and Performance4
ENGL 4137Hysteria, Sexuality, and the Unconscious4
ENGL 4142Contemplating the Cloisters4
ENGL 4143Shakespeare: Text and Performance4
ENGL 4144Hamlet: Text and Performance4
ENGL 4145Dramaturgy4
ENGL 4146The Body in Contemporary Women's Literature and Art4
ENGL 4147Food and Globalization4
ENGL 4148Medieval Drama in Performance4
ENGL 4150Race and Contemporary Film4
ENGL 4152The Tempest: Text and Performance4
ENGL 4172Diverse Biologies/Shared Humanity4
ENGL 4184Postwar American Literature and Culture4
ENGL 4185Caribbean Islands and Oceans4
ENGL 4190Shakespeare/Dylan: Plays, Songs, Conversations4
ENGL 4206Comparative Studies in Revolution4
ENGL 4207Comparative Studies in Empire4
ENGL 4208Narrative Across Media: Literature, Music, Film4
ENGL 4211Empire and Sexuality4
ENGL 4227Black Literature and Film4
ENGL 4246Media, Disability, Futurity4
ENGL 4370Disgust in Literature and Psychology4
ENGL 4421Disability, Literature, Culture: Neurological, Mental & Cognitive Difference in Culture & Context4
ENGL 4490British Literature, History, and Culture of the Great War4
ENGL 4548World War II: History, Literature, and Film4
ENGL 4600Anger in Asian American Literature and Culture4
ENGL 4603Asian American Critique4
HIST 4000History, Philosophy, and Law: Problems in Interpretation4
HIST 4005American Photography: History and Art4
HIST 4007Medieval Autobiographies4
HIST 4008Race and Gender in the Old West4
HIST 4009Film, Fiction, and Power in the American Century4
HIST 4031Rise of the American Suburb4
HIST 4048Israel: History, Society, Politics and Culture4
HIST 4057Seminar: History and Film4
HIST 4104Food and Drink in Modern Society4
HIST 4105The Early Modern World: Art and Science4
HIST 4115Communication and Media in History: From Gutenberg to Google4
HIST 4137Hysteria, Sexuality, and the Unconscious4
HIST 4152The Italian Renaissance4
HIST 4195The Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem4
HIST 4295Confucianism in Three Keys: The History, Philosophy, and Politics of Confucianism4
HIST 4312Antisemitism and Racism4
HIST 4435Art of the Tudor Courts4
HIST 4548World War II: History, Literature, and Film4
HIST 4654Medieval London4
HIST 4998Study Tour: Medieval Spain4
JOUR 4766Television News Innovators4
JOUR 4767History of Women's Magazines4
LALS 4001Music, Text, and the Imperial Encounter4
LALS 4005Queer Theory and the Americas4
LALS 4105Queer Caribbean and Its Diasporas4
LALS 4192Rediscovering the New World4
LALS 4347Latinx Borders4
LALS 4855Fascisms, Aesthetics and the Hispanic World4
LING 4015Language and Thought4
LING 4020Language and Race4
MEST 4701Urban Theatre, Music, Dance: Culture and the Formation of the Middle East Identities4
MLAL 4005Queer Theory and the Americas4
MLAL 4006Dante's Cosmos: Medieval Science, Theology, and Poetry in the Divina Commedia4
MLAL 4007Oral History, Literature & Film4
MLAL 4347Latinos: Fact and Fiction4
MUSC 4000Music and Nationalism4
MUSC 4001Music, Text, and the Imperial Encounter4
MVST 4005The Medieval Traveler4
MVST 4006Dante's Cosmos: Science, Theology, and Literature4
MVST 4007The Medieval Foundations of Modernity: Petrarch and the Origins of Modern Consciousness4
MVST 4008Medieval Autobiographies4
MVST 4009Medieval Jerusalem4
MVST 4010Medieval Franciscans and the Dream of a Just Economy4
MVST 4040Exploring Medieval New York4
MVST 4654Medieval London0-4
MVST 4998Study Tour: Medieval Spain4
NSCI 4172Diverse Biologies/Shared Humanity4
PHIL 4301Happiness and Well-Being4
PHIL 4302Environmental Policy and Ethics4
PHIL 4303Human Error: Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives4
PHIL 4304The Philosophy and Economics of Law4
PHIL 4310Human Rights in Context4
PHIL 4315Jane Austen and Moral Philosophy4
PHIL 4366Scientific Progress and the History of Science4
PHIL 4422Harry Potter and Philosophy (ICC)4
PHYS 4192Rediscovering the New World4
POSC 4001Rhetorical Arts & Politics in the Ignatian Tradition: A London Study Tour4
POSC 4010Taming "Wicked Problems": Social Science Research and Solutions Lab4
POSC 4013Religion and American Politics4
POSC 4015American Economic Policymaking4
POSC 4020Place, Space, and Immigrant Cities4
POSC 4025Youth and Politics4
POSC 4036Human Nature After Darwin4
POSC 4037Social Movements and Revolutions4
POSC 4055What Is College For?4
PSYC 4000History and Systems of Psychology4
PSYC 4015Language and Thought4
PSYC 4245Ethics in Research4
PSYC 4310Aging and Society4
PSYC 4330Music and Psychology4
PSYC 4350The Psychology of Race, Place, and Power4
PSYC 4370Disgust in Literature and Psychology4
PSYC 4855Participatory Action Research4
SOCI 3044Poverty and Community Development4
SOCI 4004Art Worlds: Anthropology and Sociology Perspectives4
SOCI 4010Taming “Wicked Problems”: Social Science Research and Solutions Lab4
SOCI 4020Place, Space, and Immigrant Cities4
SOCI 4052An Ethics of Modern Selfhood: The Pursuit of Authenticity4
SOCI 4105Religion, Gender, and Sexuality4
SOCI 4245Ethics in Research4
SOCI 4400Gender, Bodies, and Sexuality4
SOCI 4408Diversity in American Society4
SOCI 4420Religious Freedom and American Democracy4
SOCI 4421Disability, Literature, Culture: Neurological, Mental, & Cognitive Difference In Culture & Context4
SOCI 4961Urban Issues and Policies4
SOCI 4962Health/Inequality in the US4
SOCI 4965Science Fiction and Social Crisis4
SOCI 4990Conflict Resolution and Justice Creation4
SPAN 4005Painting the Empire: Understanding the Spanish Empire Through Art and Literature4
SPAN 4018Cuba: Revolution, Literature and Film4
SPAN 4347Latinx Borders4
SPAN 4511Spanish Civil War4
SPAN 4520Spain in Context4
SPAN 4855Fascisms, Aesthetics and the Hispanic World4
THEA 4020Adrienne Kennedy: Text and Performance4
THEA 4143Shakespeare: Text and Performance4
THEA 4144Hamlet: Text and Performance4
THEA 4145Dramaturgy4
THEA 4148Medieval Drama4
THEA 4152The Tempest: Text and Performance4
THEO 4009Medieval Jerusalem4
THEO 4013Religion and American Politics4
THEO 4036Human Nature After Darwin4
THEO 4037Nature in Historical and Ethical Perspective4
THEO 4040Home, Away, and In-Between4
THEO 4050On Time and Its Value4
THEO 4055What is College For?4
THEO 4060Religious Faith and Doubt in Western Thought4
THEO 4062Hagar in the Bible and Beyond4
THEO 4105Religion, Gender, and Sexuality4
THEO 4411Religion, Theology, and New Media4
THEO 4545Bath Cultures and Bathing Rituals From Antiquity to Brooklyn4
THEO 4630G.O. Deeper. Interdisciplinary Inquiries4
THEO 4853Spirituality and Politics4
THEO 4870Economic Foundations of Catholic Social Teaching4
THEO 4950Christianity and Gender/Sexual Diversity: Interdisciplinary Perspectives4
WGSS 4005Queer Theory and the Americas4
WGSS 4105Religion, Gender, and Sexuality4
WGSS 4341Race, Sex, and Science4
WGSS 4344Reproductive Technologies: Global Perspective4
WGSS 4400Gender, Bodies, and Sexuality4
WGSS 4950Christianity and Sexual Diversity4
WMST 4005Queer Theory and the Americas4

Values Seminar

One Required Course

In these courses, students will learn to identify, take seriously, and think deeply and fairly about complex ethical issues in contemporary and former times. Faculty from all departments in the Arts and Sciences will develop these capstone seminars. These small, writing intensive topical seminars will be offered in the Eloquentia Perfecta format and fulfill the EP4 requirement.

The following courses have the VAL (Values Seminar) attribute:

Course Title Credits
AFAM 4000Affirmative Action and the American Dream4
AFAM 4192Race and Religion in the Transatlantic World4
AFAM 4650Social Welfare and Society4
ARHI 4230Art and Ethics: Articulating Function in the Visual Arts4
ARHI 4562Art and the Second World War4
CISC 4650Cyberspace: Issues and Ethics4
CISC 4660Minds, Machines, and Society4
CLAS 4040The Birth of Learning: Classical Education Then, Now, and in New York City4
COLI 4420Ethics and Intelligence4
COLI 4570Films of Moral Struggle4
COMC 4360Communication Ethics and the Public Sphere4
COMC 4370Ethical Controversies in 21st Century Media4
COMC 4380Media and Moral Philosophy4
DANC 4000Art and Ethics4
DTEM 4480Digital Media and Public Responsibility4
ECON 4110Ethics and Economics4
ENGL 4044Incarceration: History, Literature, Film4
ENGL 4096Hobbits/Heroes/Hubris4
ENGL 4126Ten Short Films About Morality4
ENGL 4135Bible in English Poetry4
ENGL 4141Death in the Middle Ages4
ENGL 4149Modern Drama as Moral Crucible4
ENGL 4155The Seven Deadly Sins4
ENGL 4209Literature of Peace and War4
ENGL 4216Animal Welfare in Literature and Culture4
ENGL 4228Black Protest from Slavery to #BlackLivesMatter4
ENGL 4403Extraordinary Bodies4
ENGL 4420Ethics and Intelligence4
FITV 4570Films of Moral Struggle4
FITV 4660Ethics of Reality Television4
HIST 4011Why America Fights4
HIST 4021Ethical Responsibility and Historical Representation4
HIST 4308Antisemitism4
HIST 4310Africa, Race, and the Global Cold War4
HIST 4510Conquest, Conversion, Conscience4
HIST 4591Seminar: Race, Sex, and Colonialism4
INST 4620The World of Democracy4
JOUR 4750Values in the News4
LALS 4100Speaking For/As the Other4
LALS 4510Conquest, Conversion, Conscience4
MATH 4001Mathematical Ethics Practicum4
MLAL 4010Anni Di Piombo/Years of Lead: Culture, Politics, and Violence4
MLAL 4011Anni Di Piombo/Years of Lead: Culture, Politics, and Violence4
MLAL 4100Speaking For/As the Other4
PHIL 4205Seminar: Justice and Social Identity4
PHIL 4405Freedom of Expression and Toleration4
PHIL 4407Gender, Power, and Justice4
PHIL 4408Hospitality and Cosmopolitanism4
PHIL 4409Environmental Ethics4
PHIL 4410Love and Empire4
PHIL 4412Classical Values: Art of Living4
PHIL 4413Religion and Morality4
PHIL 4416Art, Morality, and Politics4
PHIL 4418Issues of Life and Death4
PHIL 4423Business Ethics4
PHIL 4425Buddhist Moral Thought4
PHIL 4430Education and Democracy4
PHIL 4436Rethinking Citizenship4
PHIL 4442Fantasy and Philosophy4
PHIL 4444AI, Sci Fi, and Human Value4
PHIL 4455Respectful Disagreement4
PHIL 4470Lincoln: Democratic Values4
PHIL 4473War and Peace: Just War Theory4
PHIL 4480Technology and Values4
PHIL 4484Freedom and Responsibility4
PHIL 4486Evil, Vice, and Sin4
PHIL 4490Itineraries of Desire4
POSC 4210Seminar: State, Family, and Society4
POSC 4400Seminar: Global Justice4
POSC 4515Seminar: International Politics of Peace4
POSC 4620Seminar: The World of Democracy4
POSC 4900Seminar: Democracy, Development, and the Global Economy4
PSYC 4340Law and Psychology4
PSYC 4900Psychology and Human Values4
PSYC 4920Youth, Values, and Society4
PSYC 4930Codes for Mental Health Services4
SOCI 4444Unstrange Minds: On the Ethical Dimensions of Neurological and Cognitive Difference4
SOCI 4970Community Service/Social Action4
SOCI 4971Dilemmas of the Modern Self4
THEA 4500Theatre, Creativity, and Values4
THEO 4005Women and Theology4
THEO 4008Religion and Ecology4
THEO 4010Death and Dying4
THEO 4011The New Testament and Moral Choices4
THEO 4014Religion and Law4
THEO 4025Future of Marriage in the 21st Century4
THEO 4026Theologies of Peace4
THEO 4027The Ethics of Life4
THEO 4028Religion & Bioethics4
THEO 4030Moral Aspects of Medicine4
THEO 4035Professional Responsibilities and Organizational Ethics4
THEO 4051Religion and the Making of the Self4
THEO 4444Anthropocene: Sciences, Fictions, and Ethical Futures4
THEO 4455Eucharist, Justice, and Life4
THEO 4570Orthodox Christian Ethics4
THEO 4600Religion and Public Life4
THEO 4847Theologies of Liberation4
THEO 4864The Consistent Life Ethic: From Cardinal Bernardin to Pope Francis4
VART 4300Representation in Art4