Academic Progress, Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal

For policy on satisfactory academic progress, probation, suspension, and/or dismissal, please refer to the individual College chapters of this bulletin.

Midterm Grades for Freshmen

In freshman year, all full-time students receive an alphabetical evaluation of their work at midterm. Parents of Fordham College at Rose Hill freshmen are also mailed a copy of midterm grades. This grade is not factored into the student’s academic record nor does it affect their GPA. It only indicates where they stand in their semester work and, if they are failing, urges them to make the necessary adjustments to better their performance.

Midterm Appraisal

At the midterm of both the fall and spring semesters, teachers inform their students about their standing in their respective courses. This is accomplished through conferences with students or by other appropriate means of the teacher’s choosing. Students are responsible for learning their academic standing at this time. Students who withdraw after the deadline for withdrawing will receive a grade of WF for the course.

Final Examinations

All students are normally required to sit for a two-hour written examination in each course at the end of the semester. Schedules of examinations are prepared well in advance and are posted on the Enrollment Services webpage. Once a final examination has been taken, it cannot be repeated.

Deferred Examination: Failure to take the semester examination in a course will generally mean losing credit for that course. However, if the examination is missed because of illness or other serious reason, the student will be allowed to take a deferred examination. Permission for deferred examinations may be arranged through the class dean on approval of the course instructor.