Procedure for Appealing a Course Grade (FCRH, FCLC, and Gabelli School)

The policy outlined below applies to all undergraduates except those in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS), whose policy can be found here.

An undergraduate who claims to have received an incorrect grade in a course may use the following grievance procedure. The student must act in a timely manner following the steps below with the goal of resolving the grade grievance.

The timeline below refers to when classes are in session during the given semester.

Step One

The student should set a meeting time and discuss with the professor whose grade they are grieving during the semester or within one month of the beginning of the new semester. In the event that the instructor will not be available during the following semester, this meeting can be held by teleconference if needed.

Step Two

If the grade grievance is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student, the student may submit a written request for the grade change and the supporting justification to the chairperson of the pertinent department/area within two weeks of ending discussion with the professor. The chairperson will send a copy of this request to the professor.

Step Three

The department/area chairperson will meet with the student within two weeks of receiving the student’s written request for the grade change. The chairperson will also review the request with the professor.

  1. If the chairperson finds the request for a grade change without merit, they will convey this decision, in writing with explanation, to the student.
  2. If the chairperson supports the request for a grade change, the chairperson will meet with the student and professor together or separately as the professor deems best. If the professor believes the grade change is not merited, he or she will make his or her reasons clear to the chairperson in writing if requested by the chairperson.
  3. Should the student decide to appeal to the associate dean, the student should inform the chairperson within two weeks. The chairperson will act on this appeal by submitting a written report and supporting materials within two weeks to the associate dean of the college/school in which the course was taken.

Step Four

The associate dean will review the materials and assemble an appeals committee of their choosing to provide advice on how best to handle the grade grievance. Please note that to ensure procedures are fair and standardized, the associate dean does not meet with either party but may request additional information.

Step Five

The associate dean of the appropriate college/school will review the materials, make a decision to be given to the dean for final approval, and notify all parties of the decision. The dean’s decision is final.