Enrollment Policies

Registration Procedures

Information for registration will be published each term on the program's website and on the My.Fordham portal, under the Student tab.

Students beyond their first term of enrollment will have the option to register themselves or to meet with the program director each term for registration. We strongly suggest that you schedule an appointment prior to registration to ensure that you are on track for program completion.

It is the responsibility of all students to bring any questions they may have about the registration process to the department or program director. Failure to register during the proper registration periods can have implications for financial aid, tuition scholarships, and/or the cancellation of courses due to low enrollment. Students are encouraged to complete their registration before final exams of the semester preceding the semester for which they are registering.

Students who are on academic probation or who have outstanding official documentation to submit will have holds placed on their registrations and must meet with their advisor to register.

Registration Changes

With program approval, and in accordance with dates specified in the program's academic calendar, students may change their courses without incurring the grade of "W" (Withdrawal), which is typically before the start of the semester or session. After that date, students may add courses only by permission of the instructor and advisor/program director. Students wishing to add or drop a class should contact their department to discuss the academic and financial implications and complete the necessary procedures.

After the appropriate approvals are obtained, students should complete the online Course Withdrawal form from the My.Fordham portal for approval. Please note that dropping a course may affect federal loan eligibility, and part of received loan monies may have to be returned if the cost of attendance is reduced. Please consult with the Office of Student Financial Services for information on how changing your credit load may impact your financial aid package.

Students will not be permitted to "drop" courses after the add/drop deadline, and will instead incur a grade of "W" (Withdrawal) if they opt to remove themselves from a course. Please note that this policy applies even in cases where withdrawal is made necessary for medical reasons, and that students withdrawing from courses remain responsible for tuition and fees according to the University Institutional Refund Policy.

Veteran students should be aware that if they are using any military education benefit, withdrawal from a class may create a debt with the VA, their Service Branch, or Fordham. Before withdrawing from a class, such students should consult with the VA Certifying Officials in the Office of Academic Records.

Students will incur a grade of "WF" ("Withdrawal Fail") if they withdraw from courses after the date specified in the academic calendar.

Undergraduates in Graduate Courses

Undergraduate seniors with a strong grade point average and good academic standing may be allowed to register in 5000-level courses at the discretion of the graduate program's director and dean. Students should first obtain permission from their advising dean, who should contact the PCS program office to request permission. Registration will be limited to one course per semester. Permission of both the program director and the student's undergraduate dean are required for enrollment.

Undergraduate registration in 6000-level courses in PCS will not be approved.

Graduates in Undergraduate Courses

Graduate students may not take undergraduate courses for graduate credit. Any undergraduate courses taken will not count towards graduate coursework or degree requirements.

Interschool Registration

Students who wish to register for courses offered by another graduate school at Fordham University (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education, Graduate School of Social Service, Gabelli School of Business (Graduate), and the School of Law) may do so only with special authorization from both PCS and the other graduate school. Permission from the department or program, and from the PCS program director are required.

Students should first consult with their program director before registering for classes at other Fordham graduate schools for clarification on how any courses taken may apply to their degree. In most cases, the credits will not apply to PCS degree requirements.

Students who wish to register for graduate-level courses offered by another Fordham graduate schools must obtain written permission from their program director, contact the other graduate school for permission and provide any details that may be required to finalize the process.

Continuous Enrollment Policy

The School of Professional and Continuing Studies adheres to a continuous enrollment policy, which means that students must register every fall and spring semester until graduation in order to remain matriculated in their respective graduate and certificate programs.

Students are considered registered when they are enrolled in coursework, or when registered for "maintenance of matriculation." The only exception to the requirement of continuous enrollment is when a student has been granted an approved leave of absence

Lapsed Registration

Matriculated students who are not on an approved leave of absence and who do not register for two consecutive semesters will be dropped from the rolls of the School of Professional and Continuing Studies without notice.

Students who are no longer considered active matriculated students due to non registration and who wish to continue their education at PCS, must apply for readmission by submitting a readmit application and securing the approval of their advisor/program director. Readmission to any program is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of the review committee.

Maintenance of Matriculation

Students may register for maintenance of matriculation to retain continuous enrollment at PCS while away from the University and/or not using University resources, including both faculty and facilities (e.g. library, laboratories, computing technology, online research platforms), and is typically used when a student chooses to spend time away from the University (e.g. in order to take advantage of an employment opportunity or for personal/family reasons).

Time spent registered under "maintenance of matriculation" is counted towards a student's time limit for the completion of her/his degree. Students who are registered for "maintenance of matriculation" cannot be certified as full time.

Students do not have to maintain matriculation if they choose not to register for a summer session.

Voluntary Withdrawal

Students in good standing may voluntarily withdraw from the University by completing the University Withdrawal form. A student who has withdrawn voluntarily who wishes to be reinstated in the graduate school must apply for readmission. Readmission is not guaranteed.

Veteran students should be aware that if they are using any military education benefit, withdrawal from the University (which may involve withdrawal from classes) may create a debt with the VA, their Service Branch, or Fordham. Before withdrawing from the University, such students should consult with the VA Certifying Officials in the Office of Academic Records.

Leave of Absence

Students who encounter circumstances that prevent their continuous enrollment may request a leave of absence through their program director. A leave of absence is typically granted only for extraordinary personal reasons outside the student's control that prevent involvement in graduate studies (e.g. serious medical problems).

For occasions such as outside employment opportunities, students should instead register for "Maintenance of Matriculation."

Leave of absence will not normally be granted for more than one year. Extenuating circumstances for an extension will be considered if initiated by the student.

Time spent on a leave of absence counts towards time limits for the completion of a degree, and will therefore not be granted to students whose time limits expire during the period of their leave. If a student requests a leave of absence as a result of being called to active military duty, time spent on leave does not count towards time limits.

Students on academic probation may be granted a leave of absence only on the condition that they correct their academic difficulties during the semester of their return to the University. The program director may recommend additional conditions for a leave of absence whenever a student is on academic probation.

When requesting a leave of absence, students should complete the appropriate leave of absence form and specify the reason and the time period involved. Non-medical leave of absence requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the start of the term. Late requests for such leaves cannot be accepted.

Students requesting a medical leave of absence should complete the appropriate leave of absence form, and include a doctor's letter indicating they are under professional medical care.

The program director will forward the request, and recommendation, to the dean, who will grant, deny, or modify the recommendation. If the request is approved, the dean will inform the program director, the Office of Academic Records, and the University Re-Entry team (for medical leaves), and the student will be administratively registered for "Leave of Absence." There is no charge for this registration.

Students on a medical leave of absence may be required to complete the University Re-Entry process prior to their return and should familiarize themselves with the deadlines and procedures noted on the University Re-Entry webpage.


The School of Professional and Continuing Studies considers electronic mail ("email") sent to and from a student’s Fordham University email account as an official means of communicating important and time-sensitive program related information.

Students are responsible for checking and reading all of their Fordham emails, and PCS will consider students to be in receipt of and informed of all email correspondence sent to their Fordham email accounts.

Students who choose to forward their University emails to a non-University email system will be solely responsible for any consequences arising from such forwarding arrangements, including any failure by the non-University system to deliver or retain University emails. For assistance with forwarding your Fordham email account to another service, students may contact Fordham IT Customer Care.

Change of Name and/or Address

Correspondence from the University (including but not limited to communication from the Office of Enrollment Services and other non-PCS University offices) will be sent to the individual student's primary mailing address on file in the Fordham University student system (i.e. the information that you provided at the time of application).

It is the student's responsibility to notify the University of any change of address or change in name, so that we may maintain accurate and current records.

Change of Address

You may change your permanent addresses on My.Fordham.edu through the Students or Alumni options. Under the Student Services section, select "Electronic Forms" and "Change of Address." Note: Your Permanent Address is used for official mail correspondence by many university offices, including the Offices of Student Financial Services and Academic Records. Please be sure to include your name and Fordham Identification Number with any correspondence. We require proof of address to be submitted with the request, such as a copy of a license, tax form or utility bill (in the custodial parent​/guardian'​s name if the student is a dependent).

Please visit the Academic Records section of the Fordham University website for additional information.