Academic Advising

The advising process at the graduate level in Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies is intended to ensure that students are well-informed concerning opportunities and requirements at the start of their Fordham academic careers and repeatedly throughout.

It is also intended to foster the development of personal relationships with the professional team in our graduate programs, through frequent interaction, which is encouraged and facilitated, and required at certain key points during the student's enrollment.

Advisement is an ongoing activity beginning with informational materials and counseling during the admissions process and the presentation of a thorough orientation program immediately prior to enrollment. The graduate programs staff provide assistance and advising for the student's first registration for classes. Deans, directors and faculty conduct workshops on topics of interest to new students to extend and reinforce orientation to the new program during the first term of enrollment. The second registration for students is also a "personal" one, in that they are strongly encouraged to consult with a member of the advising team, should they choose, prior to registration. For all subsequent registrations, consultation with deans, directors and faculty is encouraged and facilitated, but, in the interest of convenience for working adults, will not be required for registration clearance as long as students are in good academic standing. Students should be assured that a member of our advising team will be available to assist should questions or difficulties arise.

The deans and directors provide guidance regarding mentoring, professional development opportunities and career services programming, all of which are valuable supplements to the student experience.