Admissions Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree or its equivalent from an accredited U.S. college or university. International applicants submitting undergraduate or graduate transcripts must also submit an official third-party evaluation of the transcripts.
  • English-language proficiency test scores (if English is not your first language).
  • Standardized test scores (vary by program). Please check the specific admissions page for your program of interest.
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose that includes your professional goals and aspirations
  • Resume or CV
  • Work experience is preferred, but not required for admission. We do accept qualified candidates without work experience who possess, among other criteria, exceptionally strong academic backgrounds, internships/part-time work, demonstrated leadership, and a strong potential for success.
  • $70 nonrefundable application fee
  • Supplemental essay: Students who do not meet the minimum requirements outlined above may apply with an additional essay stating why they would be good candidates for the program.
  • Please visit the admissions page for your specific program for additional details regarding that program.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

The School of Professional and Continuing Studies is pleased to be able to support students in the pursuit of their studies by providing information on opportunities for financial aid.

Graduate students are eligible for financial aid, which may include loans and scholarships. If you are interested in applying for federal student loans to fund your studies, it is important that you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Our code for the FAFSA is 002722. Once this form is submitted, Fordham University will be able to advise you on your eligibility for financial aid. Should you need help with completing the FAFSA or should you have any questions regarding the financial aid process, please call our Office of Student Financial Services at (718) 817-3800.

Select programs offer scholarships specific to that program. For additional information, visit the scholarship website of your intended program or contact Debbie Lesperance, Director of PCS Admissions, at for further details.


Matriculated PCS graduate students are those individuals who have been accepted into a graduate degree program, registered for classes or the equivalent, and are actively working towards the completion of a graduate degree offered by PCS.

Students are considered matriculated in a program when they first enroll in a course in that program. Students may not be matriculated in more than one degree program simultaneously, whether internal or external to PCS, except in those instances where a joint- or dual-degree program has been formally established.

Non-Matriculated Students

Permission to register as a non-matriculated or non-degree student in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies is granted on an individual basis. Individuals who wish to register as non-matriculated or non-degree students must complete the non-matriculated application located on the School of Professional and Continuing Studies Admissions page. All registrations must be approved by the relevant program office.

Students who qualify for non-matriculated or non-degree registration should hold an undergraduate degree with at least a "B" average in their major field of study and may fall into one of the following categories:

  • students not seeking a degree, who wish to take courses for personal enrichment;
  • students who wish to take courses pending application to a degree program; or
  • students who wish to take courses in order to transfer these credits to another graduate program in which they are matriculated (i.e. Visiting Student status). 

In all cases, students will be governed by the tuition rates in effect at the time of enrollment.

Individuals applying as visiting students must also submit a letter from their home institution, indicating that the course to be taken will apply to their graduate program of study. Students who are denied admission to the School of Professional and Continuing Studies as matriculated students may not enroll in courses on a non-matriculated basis without the written approval of the program director or dean.

The School of Professional and Continuing Studies and Fordham University have no obligation to admit any individual who has registered as a non-matriculated student or to grant a degree to such a student, no matter how many credits have been completed.

Non-matriculated students may take up to 6 graduate credits in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, with the approval of the program director and the dean. Approval for non-matriculated status for more than 6 graduate credits is not normally granted in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies. If extraordinary circumstances justify non-matriculated status for more than 6 credits, the student must obtain the explicit written recommendation of the program director and the written approval of the dean.

No more than 6 credits taken as a non-matriculated student may ultimately count toward any School of Professional and Continuing Studies program of study; any exception to this policy requires the written approval of the dean. Individuals who wish to matriculate into the program of choice must submit a complete application for consideration.

Conditional Admission, Provisional Admission, and Modified Degree Requirements

Students admitted on a "conditional" basis must maintain a specified grade point average (GPA) or otherwise meet specified coursework requirements to resolve any academic deficiencies in their preparation. Such students are considered matriculated upon their registration. Upon satisfactory completion of the conditions outlined in the student's letter of acceptance, or when specified in a letter to the student from the program director, the student is released from "conditional admission" status, and will remain a matriculated student in good standing provided that the normal requirements of the program are met. The program director in collaboration with the Dean's Office, will determine when the required conditions have been met. Students who do not complete the stated conditions satisfactorily will be reviewed for dismissal from the University. Waivers for any specified conditions must be approved in writing by the Dean's Office.

Students may also be offered "provisional" admission, under which they are required to complete certain conditions, including but not limited to the submission of additional transcripts or test scores, before admission will be granted. Students will not be considered matriculated until these conditions are met. The graduate division of PCS reserves the right to modify degree requirements to include additional coursework for students whose academic preparation is deemed by the faculty/administration in some way to be deficient. Students for whom English is a second language (ESL), in particular, may be required to complete additional English-language coursework prior to or while matriculated.


Students dismissed for failure to make satisfactory academic progress or to maintain satisfactory academic performance or for an academic integrity violation, may not reapply.

Students who have withdrawn voluntarily may apply for readmission by submitting an admissions application. In addition, they should direct their inquiries to the relevant department's program director for guidance. The review process for readmission will be a comprehensive one, to include the admissions team, program director and program dean.

Readmitted students must meet the current academic standards of the program, and should consider a proposed plan of study to meet the program's current requirements as they prepare their application. Additional conditions for readmission may be imposed at the time of review based on the individual circumstances of the student.

If students intend to use any courses, examinations, or program requirements from their original matriculation to be applied towards these requirements, the time limits from their prior matriculation will apply. If they are unable to fulfill the requirements for graduation within these original time limits, a request for an extension must be included at the time of reapplication for admission. Students seeking readmission should consult with the program director prior to submitting an application.

Transfer Credit

Students may submit graduate work completed in another graduate program during the five years prior to matriculation in PCS for partial fulfillment of course requirements, subject to the approval of the program director and the dean.

To transfer credit, students must consult with the program director at the time of the initial registration meeting and complete the Transfer of Credit form. This form must be submitted to the Associate Dean for approval, accompanied by an official transcript of the intended transfer credits. If an official transcript was submitted at the time of application, an additional transcript will not be necessary. Once approved, the applicable transfer credits will be applied to the student's academic records.

Transfer credits applied to a master's degree must reflect a grade of "B" (3.000) or higher. The number of transfer credits will vary based on the graduate program. Transfer credits will not be accepted for graduate programs requiring 30 credits for completion. No more than 6 transfer credits will be accepted for any other degree. Please consult with your program director for additional information.

Grades from transfer credits are not included in the calculation of a student's Fordham GPA.