Real Estate Major

The core requirements of the Bachelor of Science in Real Estate are designed to ensure that every undergraduate student will have a grasp of the fundamental elements of real estate law, economics, accounting, finance, investment, valuation, and development at the major core level, while the elective concentration will allow each student to pursue a specific subject area.

Students majoring in Real Estate must complete the following courses prior to beginning the Real Estate major:

Course Title Credits
ECON 1100Basic Macroeconomics3
ECON 1200Basic Microeconomics3
ECON 2140Statistics I4
Total Credits10

Major Requirements

Course Title Credits
Real Estate Core Courses
REAL 1002Fundamentals of Real Estate Law3
REAL 1004Principles of Real Estate Economics3
REAL 1006Real Estate Accounting Essentials3
REAL 1008Principles of Real Estate Finance3
REAL 1010Principles of Real Estate Valuation and Feasibility4
REAL 1020Real Estate Development Principles and Practices4
Real Estate Electives15 to 16
Total Credits35-36

Real Estate Electives

Courses in this group have the REE attribute.

Course Title Credits
REAL 2002Real Estate Financial Modeling4
REAL 2004Real Estate Management3
REAL 2006Global Real Estate Markets3
REAL 2008Building Design and Construction4
REAL 2010Special Topics in Real Estate4


The major in real estate is available at Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies at Lincoln Center, Rose Hill, Westchester, as well as online.