Concentration in Fintech

The Gabelli School of Business offers a three-course secondary concentration in fintech, co-designed by the finance and information, technology, and operations faculty.

The role of technology in the business world in general, and the finance profession in particular, is exploding. The term "fintech" refers to a range of disruptive applications ranging from Bitcoin to high-speed trading to mobile banking. This secondary concentration is ideal for students who have an interest in these areas and who sense the inherent value in the point where finance and information systems meet.

Fintech can be pursued by Gabelli Students as a secondary concentration only. FNBU 4454 ST: Financial Modeling and INSY 3436 ST: Programming with Python are prerequisites for pursuing the concentration.

Course Title Credits
FNBU 3450ST: Fintech - An Introduction 13
or INSY 3450 ST: Fintech - An Introduction
One course from Finance
ST: Algorithmic Trading
Computational Finance
One course from Information Systems3 to 4

This is a cross-listed course.  Students studying Information Systems should select INSY 3450 and students studying Finance should select FNBU 3450.

Students pursuing this concentration with a Finance major may double-count all credits earned towards this concentration (including INSY 3436 ST: Programming with Python) towards the major.

Information Systems courses

Courses in this group have the FTIS attribute.

Course Title Credits
INSY 3421Accounting Information Systems3
INSY 3432Database Systems3
INSY 3433Programming with Java3
INSY 3441Systems Analysis3
INSY 4433Advanced Python for Business3
INSY 4434ST: Data Mining for Business3
INSY 4506Business Analytics3
INSY 4508Business Modeling With Spreadsheets3